5 Things To See In Wolverhampton – England

Wolverhampton is an English city and certainly not the most famous one but with an amazing opportunity to party and visit unique cultural places. It’s located in the southwestern part of the West Midlands county. In 1974 the city was included in the West Midlands County as a result of renovations, formerly part of the county of Staffordshire. Today the surface of the city is 69 square km.

To the northwest, the city spreads to the ceremonial county of Staffordshire, to the east with the Walsall district and to the south with the Dadli district. According to recent estimates, it has a population of 256,600, making it only the 59th most populous city in England but it surely has more to impress you with then this not so attractive number. Let’s stay a while longer and take a closer look at the reasons why you should pay a visit to the heart of Industrial England right away!

1. Birthplace of Shakespeare

Birthplace of Shakespeare

One of the most iconic names of worlds literature was born in this city.  In the picturesque surrounding with only half of hour of drive from the city center, you can find your self in one of the most visited and valuable literary monuments of the state: the William Shakespeare House Museum. In this house, the genius writer was born. Today, the beautiful old house, designed from the outside and from the interior with solid oak, represents only a part of the large museum complex dedicated to the famous world writer.

William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in one of the bedrooms with splendid furniture that you will have a chance to witness. This room retains the old baby bed and even a collection of unique toys. After visiting the collection of antiques, you can walk through the garden, which today looks as beautiful as it was centuries ago.

2. Abbey of Calke

Abbey of Calke

Calke Abbey has a pretty remarkable story that you will hardly find elsewhere. It is a building of the Augustinian priory of the twelfth century. Later it gets closed by order of Henry VIII but at the beginning of the 18th century, the building was completely rebuilt in the Baroque style. The house was owned by the Harpur family for almost 300 years until the last owner died. After 1985, the house took possession of the government and opened to the people.

Abbey of Calke was since then left in the way it was during the times of the Harpur family. Today, the former Abbey is a large complex of architectural heritage and parks, visitors can walk in a large landscaped park and take one of the most beautiful pictures that the camera has ever seen. The vast area has also had a small farm, so the place is quite good for families since this visit can be both educational and entertaining.

3. Amazing Christmas Office Parties

Amazing Christmas Office Parties

Ask any foreign visitor who had a chance to have fun in the heart of England and he will tell you that there is no place to party like there is. That must be a reason why thousands of visitors flock into this city for a Christmas party in Wolverhampton. The city center gets stacked with party euphoria and venues are filled with people ready to have fun and mark every Christmas with such joy like its the last one on this world! There are cultural events, amazing places to dine and all the drinks that your body and liver can take.

Witnessing this city when there are so many people ready to party is probably the best way to get to know it. There will be countless interesting things to do during the day but the time that is about to come when the night falls is going to be the most surprising party event of your life. Needless to say, this can be just the perfect way to get in touch with the way Industrial England loves to party!

4. Ghost Lovers Take A Look At Beautiful Wight wick Manor

Beautiful Wight wick Manor

Another reminder of the industrial revolution is the beautiful Wightwick Manor. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century by one of the most prosperous industrialists in the city, Theodore Mander. The luxurious Victorian mansion has survived to this day in its original form. Now, the old building is associated with many interesting legends and terrible stories. In the mansion, it was possible to preserve the configuration of previous years as much as possible.

Within its walls, there are collections of antique furniture, works of art and possessions that once belonged to the owners of the mansion. The locals believe that the spirit of Theodore Mander resides in the house even now and carefully monitors the order in it. No less interesting than the old mansion itself is the garden that surrounds it. So, for all the poltergeist fans out there, make sure to visit this mansion and see for yourself wheater it is haunted or not.

5. Royal Air Force Museum

Royal Air Force Museum

All the lovers of Aviation heed the call! Admission to all areas of the Museum is free of charge and the representation of aircraft that you will have a chance to witness here will stay with your mind forever. The Cosford site includes several developmental aircraft such as those that led to the English Electric Lightning and the second prototype of the BAC TSR-2. A lot of the aircraft are very rare, such as the only Boulton Paul Defiant in the world and one of only two surviving Vickers Wellingtons left in the world.

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The site can be reached by public transport via the neighboring Cosford railway station on the Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury Line.  The British Royal Air Force Museum has two locations in England. The other located at the Royal British Air Force Museum in London at Colindale (near Hendon) north of London.