9 Tips And Ideas On How To Keep Your Home Safe While Vacationing

Many people prefer spending their time outdoors with friends and family. Most will go for a vacation lasting several days to weeks. Whether spending a long weekend outside, going for a road trip, or for a safari abroad, you need to ensure your house/home will be safe from intruders and such. Leaving the house with no one to look after makes it a potential target for robberies and break-ins. Taking on measures to ensure your house is secure is one of the key things to consider when planning for a vacation.

Keep Your Home Safe

Keep Your Home Safe
Keep Your Home Safe

Outlined below are a few tips and ideas on how to ensure your home will be safe and secure while everyone is out.  According to home security experts at Blink, the only way to keep your home safe while on vacation is by:

#1. Reinforce Sliding Doors

Reinforce Sliding Doors
Reinforce Sliding Doors

Locking sliding doors may not be enough to keep intruders out. The intruder may try to force their way into the house by jacking the door open. Reinforcing the existing locks with a brook, yardstick, or another block may, however, make it hard for anyone to break in.

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#2. Talk to Your Neighbor to Pick Your Packages and Mails in The Mailbox

Thieves and malicious people are always looking for homes that seem deserted. An overflowing mailbox is one of the main indicators that no one is home. Nonetheless, asking your neighbor to take care of incoming mail and parcels may help handle this.

#3. Create the Illusion Someone Is Home

As mentioned earlier, burglars are always on the lookout for houses that seem unoccupied. Creating the illusion that someone is home can, however, deter their attempt to target your house. One of the best ways to do this is by using timers to turn the lights on and off at specific times. You might even leave a car in the driveway as well. Just ensure your neighbor attends to it before someone notices it has been there for too long.

#4. Keep the Vacation A Secret

While it may be tempting to post pictures of you and your family vacationing on social media, it is advisable to overcome the urge. Posting such will only broadcast your absence to which some people may take advantage of. If you have to, then post these photos as soon as you are back from vacation.

#5. Cross-Check to Ensure All Windows and Doors Are Locked

Before leaving the house, go through all windows to ensure they are locked properly. Check doors to every room as well and ensure they are closed as well. The garage door, in particular, should be locked as it could provide access to the house. Be sure to be the last to leave the house to lock the main entry door. This way, you will be sure every entry point is secured and safe as you head out.

#6. Ask A Neighbor to Keep an Eye on The House

You need to be a good neighbor for neighbors to look after your house. That said, let a neighbor know you are heading out for vacation, and ask them to keep an eye on the house. They can handle simple things such as feeding your pet or even getting your mail into the house.

#7. Consider Investing in A Smart Hub

While it may not be a good idea to leave lights and electronics on while on vacation, having them come on at set times and intervals can help make the impression someone is in the house. Investing in a smart hub where electronics can be programmed to turn on and off would be a wise idea.

#8. Hire Someone to Maintain Your Lawn and Garden

An unkempt lawn and snowy driveway are some of the things that will give you a way to burglars and malicious people.  Having these taken care of may be the solution at the moment. Have someone you can trust maintain your lawn, take care of the garden and the driveway. This can be a neighbor’s kid, a family member, a friend, or even a landscaping company.

#9. Stop Mail Delivery for Some Time

Mail and packages overflowing the mailbox will only make your home a target by burglars. If you cannot find a neighbor to take the mail inside the house, you might then consider stopping mail delivery for the period you won’t be in the house. The USPS makes it possible for customers to stop mail for some time and especially if one is heading for a business trip or vacation. The best thing with stopping mail is that you can have the deferred mail delivered to your doorstep upon your arrival. USPS allows customers to stop mail for up to 30 days.

Following these tips and ideas to the letter can help deter robbers from targeting your home. While you may still have to take extra security measures to facilitate this, the ideas outlined above will still come in handy. Installing a security system from Blink can also help enhance the security of your home even while away. The system comes in several packages, which include motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and instant alerts.  The starter pack is available for only $99 making it affordable to all. Investing in a smart home security system may be the key to keeping your home safe.

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