Tips for Decorating a Console Table in an Entryway


Your hallway has so much style potential! When you think about it, this is the first point of entry for your home, meaning that the design and furniture choices you make are going to set the entire look, feel and tone of your space. Whether you have a small slither of the hallway or a grand entrance hall, a console table is the perfect means of capitalising on this space and making the most out of your doorway. Console tables can be transformed from a simple piece of functional furniture to a stylish staple with a few simple accessories and design choices! Here are a few tips for decorating your console table perfectly…

Tips for Decorating a Console Table in an Entryway

Credit: 1825 Interiors

Decipher Your Design Category

First, you’ll want to take a look at your home as a whole in order to determine your pre-existing interior taste. This is key to ensuring that your new console table blends seamlessly into the rest of your space, setting the right kind of tone for your family home. Maybe you’re decorating your space from scratch? Simply ensure that your hallway is cohesively suited to your overall design direction. An easy way of nailing this is shopping and styling within the guidelines of a particular design category. This can include aesthetics such as Classic, Industrial, Hamptons, Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary. Do plenty of research and pull visual inspiration from magazines or online to find a direction which feels most like you and those you share your home with.

Curate Your Colours

Once you’re all decided on the design direction that you plan on taking, you can start putting together a colour palette for your accessories and add ons! Curating a colour palette really helps to give your hallway that professional edge, whilst still keeping things nice and personal – you want your interiors to look beautiful, but also feel intimate and reflective of the personalities that live there. Create a small colour palette of about three to five colours to guide your accessories and embellishments selection. If you’ve already chosen a design category to work with, this step will be incredibly simple. Each aesthetic has its own favoured tones and textures, use these as your guide for colour selection to take all the work out of it!

Style and Function Aren’t Mutually Exclusive!

Once you’ve got your colours and your design direction all decided, you can start sourcing accessories and add ons to decorate that console table! The secret to clever, stylish interior design is finding pieces that serve up plenty of style whilst also giving you maximum functionality. Choose accessories that give you opportunities for extra storage to keep a clean and clear hallway at all times. This can include beautiful ceramic or resin bowls to stash keys, felt boxes for loose change and baskets to store everyday essentials that you always find yourself reaching for when you’re running out of the door.

Finding the Right Console Table…

Now that you’re an expert on all things console decorating, it’s time to find the perfect base for all of your styling! Console tables are a fantastic piece to really invest your money in. The right model is going to enhance your hallway for many years to come, and often their sleek, slight build works for all kinds of spaces, so you don’t have to worry about it when (or if) you move. For an amazingly beautiful, future proof investment, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a reclaimed timber console table. This eco-friendly material actually looks better as it ages and works as the perfect neutral backdrop for all accessories, colours, styling moods and aesthetics!

Are you ready to get styling your brand new console table?