5 Tips for Writing a Groom Speech


Are you struggling to get your groom’s speech off the ground? Writing a speech can be tough, especially when you want to get the balance between tradition and formality with warmth and humour. If you get it wrong, you could ruin one of the most crucial parts of the wedding.

Tips for Writing a Groom Speech

5 Tips for Writing a Groom Speech

Luckily, the key ingredients are easy to apply. Read on for our must-know guide on writing a groom speech.

Limit the Gags

While jokes and being funny are an important part of creating a groom speech, they still have a time and place. In fact, they should never replace the sincerity the speech should be founded upon.

Instead, concentrate on the relationship. Limit yourself to one joke somewhere near the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end. Focus on the genuine relationship and connection between you and your partner. In addition, always remember to keep them appropriate. You do not want to embarrass anyone or paint yourself in a bad light to your partner’s parents.

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Talk About Getting Married

Next, you should reference the occasion of the wedding day. Talk about what getting married means for you. Talk about how it will change your life and how that is a positive thing.

Give acknowledgement to the people who got you to that point. Perhaps you have friends or family who helped you meet, or kept you going during hard times. All of these thankful comments will make the speech memorable, special, and endearing.

Focus on Your Partner

Throughout the speech, make sure you focus on your partner. The perfect speech should keep making your partner feel beautiful and loved. It is your time to tell people why you have chosen this person amongst all the others in life.

Talk about the outfits, their appearance and place them next to a few lines about how beautiful they are as a person. Of course, you will want to look the part yourself, so be sure to get kitted out at a great men’s wedding shop beforehand.

Get Your Groom Speech Beginning Perfect

You only get one first impression, and never is that more true than when you do a groom speech. The idea is to make people feel relaxed, so if you are going to do your jokes, right at the start is a good place to do one. Once you have people on your side, you can begin talking about how you got to this point.

Thank People

In your speech, there are a number of people that must be thanked. Both your parents and your partners should be thanked. After this, thank the best man and the ushers, along with bridesmaids and the maid of honour. Finally, thank all the guests in attendance. Close with a toast to health and happiness.

Stay Relaxed

For many people, standing up and giving a groom speech is nerve-wracking. Stay relaxed and understand that everyone wants you to do well. With the key points above, you can not fail to get it right.

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