8 Tips On How Brands Are Just Killing It With Their Instagram Stories

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing strategies for most brands today. Making your presence felt online is essential for a brand to grow, and some exciting and fun social media marketing techniques hold a lot of potential and can be tapped into.

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with their Stories feature being the most popular. It has opened a whole new avenue for brands to launch their products, build a client base and showcase some creativity.

For a platform that is so visually active and attractive, storytellers must post compelling pictures and videos that capture and retain the attention of their audience. When you create videos for Instagram, some styles and specifications need to be considered. Famous online photo and video editing platforms like InVideo provide a whole range of ready-made templates and designs to create unique and attractive Instagram stories.

We discuss some of the popular techniques that brands are using for building their brand name on this platform that has a user base of more than 500 million.

Tips on How Brands Are Just Killing It With Their Instagram Stories

How Brands Are Just Killing

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1. Redirecting viewers

This feature is available to accounts that have above 10,000 followers. By adding a feature that enables users to swipe up, you can add the link to your website page. For those who still do not have a large follower base can add a link in their bio and ask viewers to check their “link in bio”. The ‘Swipe Up’ feature is a smooth functionality redirecting people to any link that has been added.

2. Countdowns

Are you launching a new product or feature? What better way to build anticipation than a countdown? It hypes up the followers’ interests and can even bring in new followers. Some gifs can also be added as animations to the story counting down wrt hours, minutes, and seconds. It allows inviting viewers to participate in an upcoming event virtually.

3. Sneak peek videos

For brands and influencers that are into producing long-form content can use the story feature to offer a sneak peek into their full content, encouraging viewers to look further and be redirected to that content. InVideo has templates and editing options that enable you to create ads and short video snippets that can be directly published on Instagram.

Such snippets can also be created through a photo montage and work great as ads. There are plenty of free online ad makers that can help you create such content even if you are starting with little to invest.

4. Live Stream

Another popular feature exploited by most influencers and brands is the Live Stream. It provides an excellent opportunity to cross-promote content, conduct product launches and most importantly, connect with your followers. It allows brands to acknowledge their follower base like no other feature. Live Stream sessions can be used to find out about queries that your follower base might have, their opinions and views that work as a good marketing insight.

5. Collaboration and cross-promotional

One of the most effective and commonly used techniques is to collaborate with popular influencers and brands across social media. Instagram influencers have a strong network of the community for their online content. Cross-promotion and collaboration with brands and influencers that have a similar target audience reach out to a broad audience base effectively and raise awareness about your brand.

6. Behind-the-scene Snippets

We all know that online content on social media is perfectly curated. What makes accounts more authentic and relatable are little sneak peeks into photoshoots, behind-the-scenes, and production processes. Bloopers are also a fun way to connect with the audience and build a loyal follower base.

7. Contests

In a sea of influencers and brands, the best way to stand out is to offer exclusivity. As hard as it might be, offering exclusive sales, announcing early contests to followers help brands study the purchase intent of their followers. You could also use these stories to add links to a particular limited period or early bird discounts and offers that encourage viewers to click on links and make purchases.

8. Interactive content

Instagram offers features like polls, question answers, trivia, etc. that give viewers the option to click and interact with your stories. They work as engaging content and make it fun for followers. Call out for participation and promise features that work as great incentives on such social media platforms. Most followers would love to have their content or their account featured for the views and recognition.

It has become imperative for most brands to leverage platforms and features like Instagram stories to market content. Subsequently, the demand for online editing tools for Instagram posts and other social media has risen. Platforms like InVideo understand viewer needs and preferences and offer a plethora of pre-designed templates that are customizable too.

You could also opt for a consistent brand color and design to keep uniformity in all your posts allowing viewers to identify with the brand color and images. They enable you to post content that is unique and eye-catching. So, consider adding that edge to your Instagram stories if you are planning to market content the right way.