Top 10 Free HTML Responsive Template | what is HTML template?

Do you need free HTML template? Yes, here you can get top 10 free HTML responsive template. This page is related to these question that what is HTML template? Can I use HTML template in WordPress? How to use HTML template? These question may have in your mind. So according to these all the question, today I will show you the top 10 free HTML responsive template, the definition of HTML template and how you can use. So stay with us and follow the instruction below. After following this article, you can get a proper idea about what is HTML template and how to use it.

What is HTML Template?

Basically, HTML templates are created by combining HTML, CSS and some uses JS or JavaScript code. Presently, we have websites or somebody working with the website even most of them using WordPress. After all, those templates are created by only HTML, CSS and JS script code is called HTML template. We can use HTML template to customize our website. HTML theme can be converted to WordPress if you have known PHP better. So this is the best part of them who want to learn PHP using free HTML template to customize free HTML template in WordPress.

Difference between WordPress theme and HTML template

WordPress is a CMS software. WordPress will control their user’s server, content, theme, plugging etc. Basically, here we have been using WordPress themes that are comfortable and created only for WordPress. This means that your content works as the medium of the WordPress between all visible objects and servers. Just like Joomla. Joomla has been taken place after WordPress on the CMS web ranking sector. So Joomla is second in the CMS web Rank. But here what happened to the HTML template?

Yes, there is no media or CMS between the server and the main content site. Here you are adding the theme files directly to your server’s disk file. Although not directly in WordPress, files are indirectly submitted to disk but in the meantime, WordPress has done this work.

Although we add WordPress theme to the server’s cPanel manually we have to use WordPress to edit and manage themes. Keep in mind that if you find a blog site or a news site then HTML template isn’t perfect for you. This is only for the One Page website, portfolio website, product review website, hosting business website, technology service website. After all, it’s that website where you do not need to upload content regularly.

Top 10 Free HTML Responsive Template
Top 10 Free HTML Responsive Template

HTML Templates Upload

You have to download HTML theme or template to upload HTML theme even for this you can buy from the ThemeForest if you want to buy with money. There are many beautiful themes that match at a much lower price than WordPress themes. Multiple sidebars, menu, and others feature supported on this HTML template. But there is no shortage of free HTML themes. So we must know about the top 10 free HTML responsive template in this article. Now go ahead to know how to upload HTML template completely.

  • At the first time, download the theme.
  • Enter the downloaded file and find the main theme file.
  • Zip these theme files.
  • Now enter on your cPanel then go to Public_html in the file manager and upload that zip file.
  • Unzip it immediately.
  • Notice that after unzip the zip file will remain so delete it.
  • Now your theme uploading is complete.

How to edit HTML templates?

Before uploading HTML templates, you need to edit manually with your computer. You can’t edit it’s as like WordPress. So Edited like WordPress is not easy. Keep in mind that most popular in WordPress themes coding skills not required. But for HTML templates, basic coding skills required. Only HTML who previously worked on Google’s blogger and edited from Blogger themes dashboard. They will feel familiar to the environment to edit the code. To edit HTML templates, you can use at least notepad ++ software on your computer so that you can edit theme files comfortably.

Top 10 Free HTML Responsive Template
Top 10 Free HTML Responsive Template

HTML Responsive Template

Come to the current point top 10 free HTML responsive template. At the time of the edit, you will get a lot of code in front of your eyes. Do not fear HTML code because once you learn, you can do everything. In this case, you have to see the documentation to get extensive ideas. So firstly edit and then upload to the cPanel.

Although, you will get Top 10 Free HTML Responsive Template on the below. However, you can check with your PC if your PC is ready to use localhost. There is much software for editing HTML but Notepad ++ is the most basic and working within them comfortably. However, you can use Adobe Dreamweaver to add something new to work at an advanced level.

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Top 10 Free HTML Responsive Template

  1. Photon – HTML 5 => Photon is One Page best HTML5 Template. This template can be added to parallax effects and this template has a nice hover effect on the button. Online portal can use this template to give a new look to the website.
  2. Global – HTML 5 => Do you need a template so that you can edit the template easily. Yes, you can use this template, on the other hand, If you have any such organization in the Creative Agency then you can use this template. It is a one-page template which is easily editable.
  3. Apollo – One page HTML template => This template is great for professional photographers to showcase their shots and creatives. Although, you can use if you’re want to get the professional photographer.
  4. Landed – HTML 5 => Legendary image load, with para leaks effect, you can use the beautiful “landed” template on your website even it’s absolutely free.
  5. Alpha – HTML 5 => Alfa is a very professional design template with very simple layouts. It is suitable for a business company or agency website.
  6. Flex – HTML 5 => You can use this “Flex” free HTML5 template for online cv or portfolio website. These free templates will include image galleries, sliders, fixed floating menus and much more. It will so comfortable for a portfolio website.
  7. Transit – HTML 5 => Transit template can be used on your website in different cases. Give your site a new look using the transit template. This template will create your template design smoothly.
  8. Howdy – HTML 5 => This is a CV style HTML templates of Minimal Design. Creative designers, it’s best for the photographer so that they can use this template frankly.
  9. Harbour – Portfolio Responsive Web Template => Number collection steps is 9 for harbour HTML template. You can use harbor template as like yourself. This is a beautifully designed Flat Portfolio Template
  10. Start – One page HTML template => It’s 10 number template of the top 10 free HTML responsive template. This is one of the most beautiful single page HTML templates that can be used. It is made up of Bootstrap 3.