Top 10 Streets Food in Mumbai

The people living in Mumbai would never be in search of spiciest and healthiest street foods in the city. The special foods of the city attract its residents. If a city owns foods like vada, pav, bhelpuri, vegetable sandwiches, seek kababs, NalliNihari, then it is sure that they would never need to use the preserved foods of high prices.

food in Mumbai
food in Mumbai

#1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is Mumbai’s most famous street food. It is made up of crushed potato blend, fried deep into a type of pie, tied up with a soft bread, which can be served with a number of chances with special spices and flavors. It is quite simple in making but it tastes great for vegetarian lovers. It is located not very far from the main city of Mumbai, Near KashinathDhuruoMargg. One can order these tastiest Vada Pao all over the city with the help of Swiggy coupons, who will deliver your spiciest little Vada Pao in minutes with special discounts!!!

#2. Bhelpuri

Though very common among the whole Mumbai, this is one another street food snacks of Mumbai city. It is mostly available on the beaches like Juho. This most famous street ingredient is famed not only in Mumbai but throughout India. It is made up of winded rice, mixed together with a reasonable amount of onions, tomatoes, and onions altogether, but don’t forget to taste it with special and variety of chutney. It is sometimes served with sliced cilantro. It has the most balanced flavor one street food snack has ever had. One can’t stop tasting this food when near the beach of Juho.’

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#3. HazaraSion

According to the residents living around the restaurant of Hazara claims it to be the oldest restaurant in this piece of land. This restaurant is famous for serving special kind of Prawn fish known as koliwada. This fish is first marinated in the spicy masala which is called Koli and then it is brought to be fried. This special fried fish tastes brilliant in the winter season. You can also serve this food to your friends and family, by ordering through Uber Eats Coupons surely it will be making your treat very affordable even in Mumbai city.

#4. Bademiya, Colaba

Bademiya is the fresh-air caboose, serving people of the whole Mumbai at night, providing them the special seekhkababs of the city. Bademiya is very strict in concealing his recipe of making delicious kababs. It is located near Tulluch road colabo Mumbai.

#5. Olympia Coffee House, Colaba

This is a kind of coffee house, known from its name. It can be located in Colaba from the crowd this special first meal serving street food house attracts. The kheema pav being made here is something worth tasting with a coffee after the meal. Using swiggy coupons to order online will also serve this special kheema pav with a coffee at your doorsteps!

#6. Misal Pav

This special Mumbai street food snack has won the award in London for the title of world’s tastiest vegetarian dish. If you are in Mumbai and you miss this world’s famous vegetarian dish you would miss the taste of it forever. This special food serving place is for more than 30 years.

#7. Vegetable Sandwich

This place provides the most famous sandwich. The recipe is simple though very delicate and healthy. It has a combination of sliced onions and carrots. This sandwich will taste worth remembering if it is served with juices and milkshakes provided by the same street food point “ HParmesha Fast Food Corner”.

#8. NalliNihari, Sanju Baba chicken

A place in Mumbai where a nallinihari is served but this fast food street point has got its popularity because of the most famous Bollywood actor “SanjyDutt”. This food point also provides the best chicken dishes, but the recipe of NalliNihari is specially signed by the famous actor which can be seen displayed in the restaurant.

#9. Bheja Fry, Murgh Taliban

This food can be tasted in the 80 years old Radio restaurant. It is famous for providing dishes attached to both Pakistanis and Indian. It provides the best dishes like Murgh Taliban. One would never miss the Bheja fry of this restaurant which is famous because of its tomato screw.

#10. Batata Vada

Made up of the winded potatoes, the batata vada can be served along with raw green and fresh chili, as an alternative to using conserved masalas and spices. One can also taste it with juices made up of fresh fruits at the same place.