Top 12 Firefox New Addons Those You have to Use Must


Today our topic about Top 12 Firefox New Add-ons Those You have to Use Must. Mozilla Firefox is the first browser to make an extension. These programs give us to customize our web browser. Presently Firefox browser has some exciting Addons /Extension. Firefox has some video Addons privileges. Such as Firefox hello, Firefox share and Firefox marketplace. So, today I will discuss some Firefox add once. Let’s see this in below.

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Do you know why we have to use Firefox Addons? Although, it will help us to use Mozilla Firefox web browser frankly. So let’s go to know the top 12 Firefox New Addons those you have to use must and try to use these Addons in your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Top 12 Firefox New Addons
Top 12 Firefox New Addons

Top 12 Firefox New Addons

#1. Open Link in Silent tab

Sometimes we watch video from Facebook and YouTube via Open New Tab and after open new tab video will play automatically on background, this matter is very annoying. You can use this add-on to survive from these all problems. You can open the new tab in silent mood through this Open Link in Silent Tab. As a result, your problems would be solved after installing this extension. Go to the setting option – Extension – Search with “Open Link in Silent tab” – Install the Add-on easily.

Top 12 Firefox New Addons
Top 12 Firefox New Addons

#2. Imagus

Imagus is Google chrome’s popular extension but now this Imagus extension can be used freely on Mozilla Firefox. Through Imagus you can zoom your picture and thumbnail after move your mouse cursor on your selected picture. You don’t need any new tab to open the picture. Imagus is the best helpful extension for Mozilla Firefox and it’s faster than others extension. So you can use it to get help by Mozilla Firefox browser.

#3. Privacy Badger

In the world has so many websites and most of them are E-comers website. Website tracked your speed and your IP. You can’t stop it as yourself without using Privacy Badger type Add-on. The Electronic Frontier of the visitor protect group has created this Privacy Badger add-on to help users. You can save you from tracking via this Privacy Badger Add-on. Because you have proper security on the internet. Also, I have another article about how to remove old information from the internet. So you can use Privacy Badger extension with your Mozilla web Brower.

Top 12 Firefox New Addons
Top 12 Firefox New Addons

#4. Download Plan

Do you want to limit or customize the speed of download? Yes, here you can setup your download limit so that your download full speed will be customized with this extension. This is the easy add-ons for you to customize your download speed. This download Plan extension is the best for you even this is one of the best extension/add-ons of the top 12 Firefox new add-ons. As a result, your download file takes away your full internet speed. Presently you can set you download time scheduled via this add-on and after scheduled time your download File is starting automatically. So why you don’t use the add-ons. Now, go ahead and install this add-on on your Firefox web browser.

Top 12 Firefox New Addons
Top 12 Firefox New Addons

#5. Tab Colors

May I opened many tabs, every tab is not same to other tab and that time you will change every tabs color via this add-on. Also, you can change every tabs background colors through this Tab color extension. If you are a professional online worker, you should use the tab color to identify the tab easily. I hope, the tab colors extension will help you. It’s easy to use so don’t be keep it behind. Always try to use.

#6. Zen Mate

We should see many VPN add-ons but very few VPN is easy to use like Zen Mate. At the first time, it was announced by Google Chrome and Android app, but now this program started on Firefox. It gives us full privileges like other VPN. This is one of the easiest VPN then others. It’s easy to use and will help you to get VPN service nicely. So now start to use ZenMate VPN with your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

#7. Tab Group Helper

Firefox has many add-ons like Tab manager. But Tab Group Helper is something deferent. Its automatically create a list which tab you opened.  Sometimes we opened so many tabs and that’s time this add-on helpful for us. After all, you can customize your tab as like yourself. It also requires able aspects for you.

#8. UI Eraser

You can edit your Firefox as your wish with UI Eraser. It understood by the names that not only add something new; you can clear many things of Firefox browser such as after click Mouse Right button that will open some option and you can remove any option by this add-on. Again you can remove your main menu’s toolbar. But add-on has some problem with 35 updates and developer’s trying to solve these all problems. Believe me that it will easy to use frankly. You can choose the extension for the good service.

Top 12 Firefox New Addons
Top 12 Firefox New Addons

#9. Tab Grenade

Tab grenade is one of the best Addons of the top 12 Firefox new Add-ons. We close our useless tab to speed up our web browsers. But sometimes we don’t try to do this and then you can use Tab Grenade add-on without closing this tab. This tab is open with all details. And it will increase your browser speed automatically. So try to use the Tab Grenade add-ons nicely.

#10. Fokus

This is a great add-on for Firefox. Its focus our selected word and blur focus behind word’s, therefore, the whole webpage focus on the selected words. Actually, this add-on is the best for you. Also, you can try it for yourself. If you get the benefit of the extension then you can use it otherwise not.

#11. Profilist

We can switch your account from the Google handy drop-down menu easily. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox doesn’t support the switch the account from once to others easily. Also, there have allowed adding one more account as like Google Chrome. So you can switch your account as like Google chrome using this profilist add-ons easily. After installed, you will see an option to switch the account from one to another.

#12. Extension Defender

This is one of the best Add-ons of the top 12 Firefox new Add-ons for everyone. It’s will help you to protect your extension/add-ons security. Extension Defender is the best method for you to check all add-on security. It protects your Firefox add-on from some harmful virus such as malware, adware, and spyware. Why you have to install the add-ons because you have to protect your installed extensions/add-ons. After all, this extension defender will protect us from these problem. So you can use the extension as yourself.