Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks – New Hidden Features


This is the most significant article to know top 17 Google maps new tips and tricks. Presently everyone uses Google maps and we know Google maps how much important for us. This is one kind of the best helpful aspects for another developed country. We always use Google Maps in our daily life and it’s impressed us all time by their proficiency. It has added a great dimension to our daily life.

So Today I will try to show you top 17 Google maps new tips and tricks privileges and I hope that it will helpful for everyone. Most of the people don’t know about Google maps completely. So, here in this below, we are going to know how to make Google maps better? And how Google maps helpful? Also by following the top 17 Google maps new tips and tricks.

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Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks

Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks
Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks

#1. The Light Mood of Google Maps

Everyone doesn’t know about Google Maps light mood. In this light mood, we don’t need HI-Speed internet but this feature only available on the web version. Mobile and computer can browse this light mood by using this light mood link. You can confirm it by seeing a program on the right side it will help you to confirm you which moods in you are and you can change it by one click.

 #2. Download Maps

We can see places in offline after downloaded. This is a require able to point for their whose want to show location from the offline auditorium. After all, we need the download maps for offline view. Location download is very easy and you just need to click a location which location you need to download. You can download every place of the location from the download option.

#3. Add Importance Places

Add importance place is one kind the best Google maps tricks for the newer. In this add importance places, we can select our Petrol Pump locations, Restaurant locations, School and College locations. As well as any favorite places that we like most. After selecting places it can alert us to closing our selected area. You can start this system properly from navigation mode.

Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks
Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks

#4. Real-Time Location

This is the real-time location feature for you. It’s one kind of the new great feature that we called by share location and it’s possible to view as real-time location. You can share your location with other people via using the real-time location. Also, you can find this real-time location from the “share your location in real time” new feature. You can exploit this feature from the Google contact to sharing location for them.

#5. Add Level on Google Maps

Google maps should not be added to the places of level clearly but you can add any places as you like. After adding any location level you can see your location level via search from anywhere. At first, you need to go to the pin menu by taping and holding next then click the label. Here, you can set the level that you want to add on Google maps. In and after all you can add your location Label properly.

#6. Calculate Distance

Google Maps helps us to calculate our nearby distance it calculates distance easily less than two points. Via Google maps you can calculate your distance point to point and it’s showing us how much time we need to go one place to another place. If you want to calculate something so you need to hold on the drop pin in any location and after holding the drop pin you will see some option and you need to click in measure distance. Actually thus you can calculate your distance properly.

#7. Street View

Most of the users of Google maps already have known about the Street view. We can see our nearby places on the street view. This feature is not supported in every place of Google maps. Basically, the lack of the satellite power of the country has defendable for street view.

Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks
Top 17 Google Maps New Tips and Tricks

If the power has not been reached successfully, the street view wouldn’t be shown. Street view will help us to get hidden information easily. According to the developed country, the street view has been also developed. So now the street views support in every countries town and completely supported by all the developed cities properly.

#8. Stopped place

Sometimes we needed to add some favorite places that place we stopped every day. First of all, you need to add a stopping place and next click vertical dot then Add Stop than add multiple. This is one of the best aspects of Top 17 Google Maps new tips and tricks. So go ahead and try to exploit the stopping place feature on Google maps.

#9. Check Traffic by Google Maps

Google Traffic check is the most favorite feature for all of the developed countries people. Actually, we need a correct location so that we try to find the location on Google maps even of the goal, we would be helped by following the check traffic by Google maps feature. This program helps us to know which roads are clear and where Traffic Jam involved. So keep in mind we can see only our country’s traffic but we can’t see another country’s traffic anymore.

#10. Contributions on Google Maps

We know Google Maps has a lot of helpful feature for us. First of all, go in Menu and click your contributions and we can Contributions on Google Maps like this. In here you can write the review from this. Via this, we can earn points by adding places and upgrade our outside location. After increasing points, Google gives us some extra free privileges like extra free storage of Google drive.

#11. Add New Place on Google Maps    

We know we can add places from your contributions option but it’s very hard. We can add a place easily from the menu. You need to click on Add a Missing Place of the menu option then you can add any place on Google maps easily.

#12. Location History

It’s very simple to see our location history. At the first time, you have to go to your Timelines and then Recent Places so that you can see all the location history of your recent searched or visited the place. Some of the users don’t like Google Maps. Do you know, why? They afraid of this because Google tracked us according to their technology.   But we always need to trust it. And its always give us many privileges.

#13. Call a Ride Privileges

Call a ride feature is not available in all country. It can find you to let service and it can be aware you from the subject. It’s very helpful for all developed country.

#14. Zoom in One Finger

Generally, in this field of Smartphone we make our location screen zoom via two fingers but now we can zooming our location screen via double click on your screen. It helps us to use very easily. It also helps for view street view in on finger.

#15. Navigation Mood Live

Google maps navigation mood is a helpful aspect for us. Even it is one of the best features of the top 17 Google Maps new tips and tricks.  If you need to select navigation mode directly, you have to search for directions. And after showed direction button then select the best route and default commute method.

#16. CO2 Emission

Do you know what CO2 Emission is? If you can be aware of your environment subject’s than you can add a carbon foot extension on your Google Chrome. It will show you which road how much carbon dioxide leaves every time from your car and how much carbon dioxide need our nearby trees.

#17. Know New Road

It’s one of the best to learn tips for you to find the new road. Maybe you are new to New York City. And you don’t know the new road of New York City. So here, you can get help from Google maps to get the new road location successfully. Even Google maps will help you to know every place in New York City.

However, I have already shown up Top 17 Google maps new tips and tricks. I hope, you will exploit all the featured of the Google maps successfully. As a result, you will be a technological person in the world. After all, if you have any questions about the article you can show your opinion on the comment option below. And thanks for expending your valuable time.