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Top 5 Best Winter Cities In Asia

Nothing beats a December getaway in a snowy destination. The tranquillity and fun that comes with the snow are unlike any other. With all the fun winter activities including romantic sleigh rides and dog sledding, one is bound to have a great time. Even though Asia is known for its tropical climate, beautiful island and beaches, it also has some of the most spectacular winter destinations. Here are the top 5 best winter cities in Asia for you to vacation in!

Winter CIty
Winter City

Jeju Island, South Korea

If you are thinking of visiting a scenic winter destination then this spectacular island should be on your list. During the summer, this island is photogenic but in the winter it is simply striking. You get to experience first-hand the joy of hiking in winter clad trees and enjoy some outdoor activities. Other tourist attractions for you to enjoy include Jeongbang waterfall, love island, teddy bear museum etc.
Jeju Island is perfect if you are a fan of moderate winter where you can enjoy the activities of winter without the freezing cold. You can relax and enjoy it to the maximum because this island provides the perfect winter outdoor weather.

Hong Kong, China

Can you imagine vacationing in Asia and not visiting Hong Kong? It is impossible! This spectacular city is even more so during the winter. The best part about vacationing in Hong Kong during the winter is the fact that you not only enjoy beautiful sites but also get to make use of the vast amenities. How relaxing would it be to enjoy a sensual Hong Kong massage right after you have spent most of your day shopping?

There are a plethora of things to do in Hong Kong, it’s truly a special city so visiting it should be a no brainer. It is called many things, often even the most beautiful city in Asia and is compared to the likes of Las Vegas or Paris for good reasons. The view from Victoria Peak perfectly sums up why this city is regarded as one of the prettiest.

Harbin, China

The Harbin international snow festival is undoubtedly one of the most elaborate and largest snow and ice festivals worldwide. It is for this reason that this city is commonly referred to as the ice city. You get to enjoy a rich exotic culture, spectacular sculptures, theatrical performances, and even firework displays. Other winter activities for you to enjoy include watching Siberian tigers, winter swimming and sleigh rides.
Being known as the Ice City Of China should be enough for you if you are a fan of winter to visit this gorgeous city. With temperatures going -9 °C (16 °F) and -20 °C (-4 °F) during the December it is definitely one of the coldest places you can beat in China. But it being cold is very much put to good use in this city. Visit the city during January at the time of the Ice Festival and marvel in the glory that this amazing winter city provides.
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Sapporo, Japan

The Sapporo snow festival is also one you can’t afford to miss. During the winter, this city is simply a winter wonderland. There is more to this city than a fancy winter festival. Other than the snow sculptures and statues, there are other activities that you can enjoy with your family. These activities include snow fighting, ice skating and even smelt fishing.
Sapporo was the host of the Olympic Winter Games in 1972 and thus started the rise in the popularity of this city. Visiting this city in February during the Sapporo Snow Festival is a must, it lasts a week and is very much visited by people all over the world.
Also, Mount Moiwa and Teine Ski Resort are definitely places you want to check out while visiting this city.

Seoul, South Korea.

This city is simply magical during the winter. The pavements are clad in snow and the Christmas trees are decorated with twinkling lights. Being in Seoul during winter is like walking into a fairy tale. The occupants are merry and should you feel the need to enjoy some exotic street food, you will find it in plenty. Expect to see the dwellers singing carols and children ice-skating. To be in Seoul during winter is to have genuine fun.
Seoul in winter is a must for everyone who enjoys any winter activities if you like snow, icy terrain, and overall winter atmosphere, this is the right place for you and you should come here as soon as possible.
The beauty of vacationing in Asia during the winter is that you still get to enjoy the rich culture while still enjoying winter activities. Theses snowy destinations are the perfect places to be when you are looking to unwind from your normal life and just have a grand time. Why not surprise your loved ones and take them to one of these beautiful winter wonderlands?
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