Top 6 Smartphone Features those Must You Need to Use Android Phone

Today my new topic is top 6 Smartphone features those must you need to use an Android phone. New Android smartphone always inspired us via their new parts and as a result, we must try to buy the smartphone those also better than our previous Android Smartphone. But presently you can’t buy every new Android smartphone because the difference country discovered many Android Smartphone.

On the other hand, we know that presently Android smartphone technology’s popularity increasing automatically also it faster than the old Android smartphone.

Top 6 Smartphone Features those Must You Need

Nowadays we see android smartphone work hi speedily. Do you know why? Because of the best configuration. Although the smartphone price has been increased following the top generation technology. However, so which smartphone you are going to buy and which specification you need and which specification you don’t need? Now let’s go know about top 6 smartphone features those must you need to use the Android phone.

#1. The Best Fast Processor

The processor is a great part of our smartphone. At the first time, we need to choose the best processor before buying a new Android smartphone. It does not boost only our core number and click speed, suppose, you have an assistant and your assistant can do everything so you asked her to close yourself but she shut downed full power of your smartphone. Processors control our whole device.

Suppose you have 6GB RAM on your smartphone but its work promiscuously because of the processor of your smartphone. Next, you need to see which Processor can optimize your battery properly. Because you don’t want your battery power work like an assistant. Logically, we called processor name like chip or chipset. You need to identify your smartphone processor RAM comfortable with camera Megapixel, LTE speed, and your battery power.

Top 6 Smartphone Features those Must You Need
Top 6 Smartphone Features those Must You Need

However, in my next step, I will show you 4 series Of SnapDragon processor. So my first number name is series second number generation and the third number is the extension. Snapdragon has 4 processor series such as,

  1. 800:- That is the best strongest series. You will see this on Local, hi quality and Flagship phone. This processor especially created for gaming, frame drop video and for best performance.
  2. 600:- We must see this series processor in the market. Comparably this processor supported on the mid-budget smartphone. This series processor is the best for good performance, battery optimizing, and watch the 2k video and for 4K video recording on our smartphone.
  3. 400:- This is anti-level processor chip. This series processor supported on the low budget smartphone. This processor makes our low quality to a very high-quality smartphone. It has quick charging and its support to make 1080 pixel video recording.
  4. 200:- This series processor is inactive in the market. Generally, this type of processor mostly uses to handle 8-megapixel camera’s smartphone.

#2. Must Need 3GB RAM

We just need to discuss our smartphone RAM. Do you know what is RAM? Yes, the RAM means by Random Access Memory. If your smartphone RAM 1GB and that time your smartphone is an anti level device. You see One plus smartphone has 8GB RAM. So presently, how much RAM you need on your Android smartphone and how much will backup at present and future. Our android operating system is the best of the work for our historical time. Its use our smartphone memory properly.

This is the best aspect of reducing wasting times as a result, you don’t need to use another RAM cleaner or App cleaner application. Because of their special proficiency, many apps are work greatly. But you should try to use Multi taxing or trying to use some apps in your background and then up to 3GB or 4GB RAM will perfect for your Smartphone. Therefore, you must need 3GB RAM on your smartphone.

#3. Choosing up to 32GB Internal Storage

Firstly we need to know to have your smartphone-supported micro SD CARD slot. Sometimes, we try to buy a smartphone that gives them some extra money because of 16GB extra storage. So when we buy 64GB extra’s memory it will work slowly also will impact above the smartphone processor. So identify your smartphone for the best internal storage. On the other hand, a few types of smartphone not supported extra memory as a result, you need to choose the best smartphone internal storage before buy.

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#4. Better display

Display make our smartphone a great looking. Example of, this is not good for looking black and white color television because although has been showing a lot of channels but it’s not a good color. The user will be unsatisfied if their smartphone display wouldn’t be suitable. Your display is AMOLED there have nothing to say but you have to keep the best LCD for your satisfaction. Basically, inside of the LCD/Display, the best aspects is IPS technology. You should identify the display following the PPI.

What do you mean by PPI? Yes PPI is a (Pixel Per inches). The smartphone display clearing, brightness, color re-correction, and other best thing will be dependable with PPI. You have to see buy the smartphone above 400 PPI. Don’t try to buy less than 200 always.

Top 6 Smartphone Features those Must You Need
Top 6 Smartphone Features those Must You Need

#5. Camera above 13MP

I have disused about the smartphone top required feature for buy a new Android smartphone. In this page, my title was top 6 Smartphone features those must you need. An Even here camera above 13MP is one of the best section of the “top 6 smartphone Features those must you need” title. However, 13 mega picture is a general stander for the Android smartphone.

You have to keep in mind that only Mega Picture is not enough to identify the camera configuration. You have to see more, such as a camera sensor, aperture. According to these, you can know all in one word that sensor will work to your picture color, brightness. On the other hand, the aperture will work for making the DSLR effect, blare your picture etc.

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#6. Connectivity and Others

This the best part of the top 6 Smartphone features those must you need to use the Android phone. Connectivity and others mean the most important part of your Android smartphone. So now I will show top 4 most of the connectivity and other features.

  • Headphone Jack: headphone jack will help you to the various section. Basically, they don’t want to publish headphone jack because of keeping waterproof. So you should identify headphone jack.
  • USB: you have to choose the smartphone that supported USB type C port. The USB port C will be helpful for transfer data of the device and charging the smartphone.
  • NFC: Do you know NFC? Yes, NFC meaning “Near Field Transfer”. So you have to identify did the smartphone supported the NFC feature. NFC will help you in future to sharing data, files, and other best thing with your smartphone.
  • Water Proof: Your smartphone will be dead after a meal with water. So keep in mind that you should buy the smartphone that already supported the waterproof feature. As a result, you can use the smartphone frankly although you’re near to water.

End life of Top 6 Smartphone Features

I have complete the top 6 Smartphone features those must you need to Use Android Phone. Basically, I’m a user of Android smartphone and I like to identify the features to choose the smartphone for buy. According to my advice, I hope you should follow completely so that you can choose the best Android smartphone.

After all, if you have any question of this article about “Top 6 Smartphone Features those Must You Need to Use Android Phone” you can know us by following the comment option below. We will try to serve the best answer. And thank you to stay with us.