Top 6 Website Myths You Should Learn

Myths are something we’re all too familiar with. No matter what area in life you’re dealing with, there are always myths attached to it. These myths have so many believers in the world, which is why they continue to endure, and the internet is no different.

When it comes to web design and development, there are a whole host of myths that go along with it. These myths tend to have the worst effect on beginners and novices, since they lack the experience, and in most cases, are unaware of industry standards.

Top 6 Website Myths

In this article, I will be looking to break these myths, revealing the truth. Below are six important myths that you should be aware of, especially if you have intentions of going into web design.

6 Website Myths
6 Website Myths

1 Websites Are Expensive To Start

Incorrect, in fact, there are many web platforms that you can use to build a free website that looks very good and can serve you for a long time to come. If you’re looking for additional features and functions, these are things you can add as your site grows, by investing in more professional packages.

2 Creating a Website Takes a Lot of Time

Yes, you will be required to put some time into the production of your website, but not anywhere near as much time as you think. Again, there are web platforms that you can use that will guide you through the entire process, some using questionnaires while implementing graphics, online forms, which you can use to promote the site, and extensive technical support, in the event that you are stuck on something you don’t understand.

A website can be developed both efficiently and quickly, and while some of your time will be consumed during this process, you can expect that you will be able to carry out this task while doing other activities that are important to you.

3 Your Site Doesn’t Need Social Media Buttons

There are so many of these social media buttons, from Instagram to Facebook, to Twitter, the list is huge. Taking the time to sign up to all these social media networks is not only time consuming, but is not as easy as you think, as a lot of effort is required on your part.

But the reality is that social media plays a huge part in improving the traffic of your website by helping it rank well in the search engines. Instead of going through all these different platforms and sharing your content, why not add a social button to your website, as it’s far quicker. With these social media buttons, you can ensure that your content will be shared as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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4 Once the Sites Up, I’ll Get Leads

You can build the most awesome website in the world, one that lights your business on fire. In fact, it could be the best website in the world, but if it lacks the marketing, no one will even know it exists. Even organic SEO can and does take some time to kick-start your website. It can take months for your site to build momentum, but once it does, you can be sure to start raking in those profits.

5 I Don’t Need Content To Design My Site

Many web designers like to use dummy text on their site, during the development process. But using this dummy text as part of the design can be unrealistic. The unfortunate thing about it, is that it gives off the impression that content isn’t the most important thing.

However, the reality is that visitors come to your website to acquire the information that is on it. Visitors browse your website for its content and not for its design. When it comes to designing a site, content is an important aspect of it. A website that has a fairly simple design, but houses high-quality content, will on average do much better when compared to sites that have fantastic designs, but poor content.

6 You Don’t Need To Update Your Website

Will the design of the site be forever sufficient? One mistake many people tend to make is by not focusing on recent trends in the web design scene.

Trends for web design tend to grow and evolve with both web browsers and mobile devices. Developing a website should be a continuous process. You should always be looking at ways of expanding and improving your website, with new concepts and ideas. It is better that you make some kind of addition to your website at least every 3 years, to keep it up-to-date.