Top Cashback Credit Cards in the Philippines


Everyone who’s owned a credit card knows the many perks and benefits that it brings. Whatever type of card you choose, you can always expect more rewards to come, for as long as you maintain a good credit standing. One such reward feature is cash back or rebates, the bank’s scheme of giving back a small percentage of the money spent to its cardholders.

Cashback Credit Cards

Cashback Credit Cards
Cashback Credit Cards

Depending on your lifestyle, there’s always a special card feature that will work as the Best credit card for you. To make the most of your credit card spending, here are the top cashback credit cards in the Philippines you can choose from.

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AUB Gold MasterCard

Aside from its Free for Life annual membership fee (AMF), the AUB Gold Mastercard is also very generous in giving out rebates to its cardholders. For every 20 spent, you get one reward point. For every accumulated 1,000 AUB Reward Points, you can get a P100 cash rebate. For an accumulated 5,000 AUB Reward Points, you can get a P500 cash rebate.  You get double those reward points for purchases made abroad.

Citi Cash Back Card

The Citi Cash Back Card lets you earn up to the P12,000 worth of rebates per year. You can get rebates of up to 6% on supermarket purchases everywhere and up to 2% on your monthly Meralco bill payments when it’s done through Citibank Online or Citi® One Bill®. All other purchases automatically come with .20% rebate.

HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card

Another cash back card that will surely give you your money’s worth is the HSBC Gold Visa Cashback credit card. It gives huge dining and fuel cash backs, as well as a regular cash back for all other transactions.

If you use your HSBC Gold Visa Cashback to pay for dining transactions, you get rebates of up to 5%. If you use it to fuel up at Caltex, you get rebates of up to 10% for first your fuel purchase and can avail of a 3% rebate for the whole year. For any other purchase made with your card, you get a .50% rebate.

Security Bank Complete Cashback

A cashback card that truly knows what most Filipino customers spend on.

The Security Bank Complete Cashback credit card has five (5) essential rebates. Get a percentage of your money spent back on the following:

Supermarket spending — 5%

Gas — 4% (5% at selected SeaOil branches)

Utilities — 3%

Dining — 2%

Shopping — 1%

You can get up to P12,000 in cash backs every year. There is also an auto-rebate function, this means a P1,000 maximum amount of rebate will be credited automatically to your monthly bill. No need to remind the company about redemption.

EastWest EveryDay Titanium MasterCard

The EastWest EveryDay Titanium MasterCard claims to be ”Your All-in-one cash rebate card”.

With this card, you get 5% cash rebates for essential spending in three categories: Gas, supermarket, and drugstores. There is an automatic rebate function with the EastWest EveryDay Titanium MasterCard for every P200 cash rebates.