Top 7 Cocktail Pubs In The New York City


The coolest and the busiest city in the world has the best bars. You can find every possible way to the town to quench your thirst. New York has everything to make your life exciting. Whether indoor dining or outdoor drinking, you can find everything in the place. Martinis are one of the favourite drinks of most of the folks. Flock to New York has some of the best taverns with an excellent ambience to greet you.

Cocktail Pubs

Top 7 Cocktail Pubs In The New York City

The Honey Well

An ambience that reminds the era of the 1970s is what you will find here. The backyard garden of the bar is where you can find highly sophisticated drinks. Beverages are served in unique caskets like honey pots, Spanish porrons, honey bears, and many others. I can bet you will love how they serve you drinks and will always be etched in your mind once you visit.


The tavern is best for dates. If you have any such plans, do not forget Mace. You will have drinks with international flavours in the bar. Named after nutmeg, the pub has a lot to offer you a romantic atmosphere with various martinis and food. Smoked-and-peppered bacon along with creamy avocado yoghurt and others you can have the best time here. From snacks to desserts and wines, you have it all to impress your date under one roof.


New York City has Dante that Tales of the Cocktail termed to be the World’s Best Bar in 2019. Originally the cafe was established in 1915 as Caffe Dante. The inn was revamped. However, the old spirit of the city still prevails. Classic martinis like salted honey, Grand Marnier, and several other variations can lead you to have the best time.

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67 Orange Street

Though not so old you can enjoy your time with modern drinks as well as cuisines. Sharable punches, sidewalk establishment, and individual drinks make the pub unique. Many services are available here like indoor dining, outdoor dining, and pickup and delivery. Appetizers like Lobster & Shrimp Mac & Cheese can make cocktails better. Chicken Sliders Wings and Spicy Corn with a unique taste and ingredients enable you to enjoy drinks even more.

The Dead Rabbit

The 19th-century inn can make you look back onto history. Declared as one of the pubs with the best hospitality services, the Irish pub is one of the topmost taverns in New York. The pub has always emphasized the quality of its services. Thus it has been able to leave its mark on the sand of time.

King Cole Bar

The city-owned by the Statue of liberty has had an iconic pub since 1906 named King Cole Bar. It is referred to as the first tavern in the city that served Bloody Mary named Red Snapper in the bar. You get complimentary private snacks to satisfy your taste buds even more, along with the beverages.

Dutch Kills

This decade-old bar offers fine wines, local beers, along with sandwiches and salads. Finest liquors with several flavours are difficult to forget. It is one of the first bars in the city that offers the finest ice that makes their services awesome. The bar also supplies its frozen water.

Chill out with friends or dine in with your family. You have numerous options for that. A variety of drinks and delicious food can take your heart. However, if you are a home person and prefer to chill at your abode rather than outside, then you can do that as well. Make cocktails at your home – all you need to have a cocktail shaker. Go to and find the best-suited shaker that meets your requirement.

Enjoy your home parties!!