Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

As 2020 kicks off, brands are expected to take advantage of the new trends in the ever-changing field of digital marketing. As the field is evolving consistently, brands have to compile the emerging trends in their marketing strategies to maximize their conversion rates and for better connectivity with their target audience. The emergence of innovations in the field has availed marketers to make more accurate predictions and drive instant results. Marketers have to stay abreast of every new feature and have deep insights into it to frame an effective strategy. Here we have thrown light on the trends that are expected to rule the digital marketing world in 2020.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Shoppable Posts To Gain Momentum:

Recent research suggests that nearly 54% of people use social media platforms to research before buying a product. Through this, it is evident that social media is turning to be the epicenter of online marketing for e-commerce businesses. Brands can leverage these shoppable posts to drive traffic to their websites. The foremost important factor in these shoppable posts is that the products displayed in these posts should be stunning and stimulate the viewer to check-out the product. Data from Instagram shows that more than 80% of users follow a business page.

This data proves how social media platforms are evolving into e-commerce search engines where people are looking out to know and purchase new products. Hence, brands will focus on maximizing conversion rates through shoppable posts. Thriving small businesses can take advantage of shoppable posts and maximize their sales as the feature could minimize bounce rates and drive more traffic to their websites.

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Rise Of New Social Platforms:

Lasso: Lasso is nothing other than Facebook’s version of TikTok, which is expected to gain more dominance this year. The unprecedented growth of TikTok has risen the eyebrows of Facebook and roll-out Lasso to slow down the increasing user base of TikTok. As TikTok has entangled in controversies regarding user data privacy issues, people can take a shift to Lasso, which has come as the perfect replacement for Lasso.

Caffeine: Caffeine is the social broadcasting platform focussing mainly on live streaming video games where you can engage and interact with other users and followers in real-time. The application is looking forward to expanding its user base by entering into entertainment and sports spaces. The application has already signed a partnership with ESPN X Games, Fox Sports, and Red Bull. This partnership will avail the platform to stand apart from other streaming platforms and maximize its user base.

TikTok: Most of the brands have their focus on TikTok, which has witnessed exponential growth in terms of its user base within a few years of its launch, competing with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. The platform has managed to garner around 500 million active users within a few years of launch. The data proves how influential the platform is harnessing, which brands can maximize their business. Getting into controversies such as user data privacy has not affected its user base growth, which has made marketers focus on this lip-synching platform to uplift their business.

There are few other streaming platforms in the pipeline like Helo, Vigo, and Firework, which are already a hit with an amazing user base and are expected to grab the eyeballs of the marketers this year. Hence, brands will strive to have their prominence on these platforms to find new potential customers.

Conversational Marketing Will Take Center Stage:

Many brands will resort to conversational marketing this year as it will help brands to understand their audience better. Lending your ears to the views and conversing with them directly will help you to gauge their requirements from your brand more accurately. Conversing with your audience frequently will build a personal bonding for your brand with the customers and know what type of content works better for them.   Thus, effective social listening will help you in framing the strategy that goes best for your business and skyrocket your sales.


As part of conversational marketing, more than 80% of companies are anticipated to use chatbots this year. As of now, chatbots could reply to the common queries of customers in real-time. As people are craving instant replies, time taken to respond to the queries of the customers plays a major role in framing the reputation of a brand. Hence, many brands have resorted to chatbots to sustain their bonding with their customers as chatbots can be automated to reply and guide customers instantly. With the advancement in AI, chatbots will help in the betterment of customer service experiences in the coming years.

Privacy Is The New Priority:

How brands protect and handle their user data will play a significant role in sustaining the credibility of their customers. As people seem to be more worried about their data than ever, brands must possess the competence to protect their user data against cyber attacks. In a survey conducted by IBM Cyber Security and Privacy Research, 60% of the respondents expressed their concern towards cybersecurity. This data proves how imperative for businesses to ensure their audience that their data are safe and secure.  Companies must have well-equipped cybersecurity and prevent them from falling prey to cyber attacks, as it will result in the downfall of their customer base.

Video Marketing Is On The Rise:

Video Marketing has turned into a significant marketing medium for brands with an increase in internet consumption. Video marketing has turned into a vital part of online marketing as people prefer watching videos more than reading content. Brands can take advantage of it as videos facilitate the process of grabbing the attention of the audience rather than texts. Hence, brands should focus on delivering videos that should connect, engage, and convert their leads.

Video forms such as webinars, live streams, and micro-video content are on the rise in digital marketing. Many Influencers on YouTube are making tons of money and have provided exhilarating results to their clients consistently. This proves how influential videos are, which should be utilized to improve their brand visibility. Video marketing has witnessed a rapid rise in 2019, with 81% of businesses resorting to videos to engage with their audience. The number will increase further this year as video conception on major social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are growing consistently. Thus, brands should focus more on delivering enticing videos that should reflect the brand voice and connect with the audience emotionally at the same time.


As innovation in digital marketing is constant, businesses have to modify their marketing strategies accordingly to improve their visibility and engagement with their customers. The inception of new technologies is consistently changing the way brands engage with the audience and have opened doors for businesses to make predictions more accurate than ever.

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