Top 5 Exercises That Make You Better in Bed

What does a better sex life depend on? Your mindset? Your experience level? Compatibility with a partner? All of these are important but you can do a few additional things to have amazing sex every single time. Physical exercise is obviously important for overall health but it can also impact your sexual abilities.

Make You Better in Bed

Top 5 Exercises That Make You Better in Bed

If you’re looking for opportunities to build your resilience, stamina, and sensitivity, exercises can help. Some of them deliver much better results than others and here are five of the best routines you may want to try in order to become a better lover.

Kegel Exercises

You don’t need to go to the gym to do kegel exercises. Kegels are often considered an option for women. But the truth is quite different. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can be equally beneficial for guys and gals. A stronger pelvic floor contributes to better control during sex, more heightened sensations, and more powerful orgasms.

The pelvic floor muscles are strengthened through kegel exercises. These can be practiced anywhere, anytime – at the office, when you’re watching a movie, and even while you’re having dinner with your significant other.

Here’s how the routine works. The pelvic floor muscles are the ones you activate when you want to stop the urine stream while peeing. Contracting these muscles and relaxing them will give you a stronger pelvic floor and a much better sexual experience.

If you’re a beginner, start with a contraction that you hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat 10 to 15 times per session. It’s very important to refrain from tightening your tummy or holding your breath while doing kegel exercises. If you do, you’d be activating a completely different muscle group.

There are special toys for ladies that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor and guys can practice during masturbation (edging is one great technique). Some of the masturbators offered by HotCherry are an excellent choice for all men who want to have a stronger and healthier pelvic floor.

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Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to involve a gym. Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises because it engages most muscle groups and improves overall endurance.

Research, however, also suggests that swimming can lead to a much more satisfying sex life for both men and women.

Harvard researchers found out that professional swimmers in their 60s had the active sex lives of people who were 20 years younger. There are several reasons why. For a start, swimming improves circulation, which leads to a higher level of sensitivity during intimacy. It also increases stamina and flexibility while reducing stress.

If you have a nearby pool, do try a swimming session once or twice per week. It will make you feel good and it may even contribute to better bedroom experiences.

Core Workouts

Having a strong core can make guys much more resilient during sex. But core exercises are recommended for everyone.

Most sex positions require some degree of core strength and that applies to both (or to more) participants involved. Toned abs also reduce the risk of injuries in the bedroom and increase your range of motion by giving you a higher level of stability.

You don’t have to crunch for an hour per day to get a strong core. Exercises like Pilates and yoga, for example, can be incredibly beneficial for strengthening the abdominal muscles and giving you that much-desired stabilization effect.

At home, you can try some variations of core exercises like plank and side plank, dead bug, reverse crunches, bicycles, heel taps, and seated rotations.


Speaking of yoga, it can give you amazing results for better sex. Yoga is a whole system that does a lot for your body and your mind.

Breathing exercises can easily be applied to your bedroom adventures. Correct breathing will actually improve your performance and give you a higher intensity of the sexual experience.

In addition, yoga strengthens the body, improves your posture and flexibility and helps your mind concentrate. Doing yoga is equally beneficial for men and women who want to be perceived as sex machines by their lovers.

Even if you’ve never practiced yoga before, there are beginner classes bound to give you quick body and mind changes. The more you get into it, the better your stamina and overall sexual performance will become.

Good, Old Strength Training

While societal perceptions towards weight lifting and strength training are starting to change, there’s still a misguided understanding such workout routines are only suitable for men.

Such attitudes couldn’t be further from the truth. Weight lifting produces a wide range of health benefits that both men and women can get to enjoy. These benefits can extend to having better sex and improving one’s intimate performance.

The obvious way strength training impacts sex is through stamina establishment.  Stronger arms, back and legs will increase one’s ability to engage in more physically-demanding sexual positions. This ability increases the range of things a couple can try in the bedroom for more variety and pleasure.

For guys, strength training can help with sexual performance by boosting testosterone production. Testosterone is the main hormone that affects the male sex drive and also sexual performance.

If you’ve never done strength training before, do hire a personal trainer for the first few sessions. Correct form is very important here. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you perform exercises incorrectly, you risk serious injuries. The weights you choose should also correspond to your experience level and stamina.

Any kind of physical activity can help you enjoy a much better sex life. Exercises build your strength, they reduce stress and they can also result in a much higher level of self-confidence. Feeling good in your skin will show and it will also impact every single thing you do. Not to mention the fact that being healthier and stronger will allow you to try out stuff you considered impossible before.

Take some time to discover exercises you enjoy and can continue doing in the long run. If you’re not having fun during the process, the risk of giving up shortly after getting started will be high.

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