The Tradeoff Between Plasterboard Ceilings and POP Ceilings

Choosing between plasterboards and POP as plastering supplies in Australia for decorative ceilings for your home is often a perplexing choice. Both materials are great to create beautiful dynamic patterns that deliver depth and volume to your ceiling. Both are economical and versatile and bring all your vision for your home interior to reality.

A little knowledge about the material and its properties can help you make the right decision.

The Tradeoff Between Plasterboard Ceilings and POP Ceilings

Plasterboard for Home Interior and Their Benefits

Plasterboards introduced in the 1940s are one of the most popular ceiling materials today. It is highly in-vogue owing to its flexibility, plasticity, and ease of molding and shaping properties. The most prominent benefits of plasterboards include:

Simple Installation

To install plasterboards you only have to apply the glue and fix them onto the ceiling. These are lightweight and safe to handle and allow clean installation.

Reasonable Pricing

If you want quality and artistic ceiling but are running low on budget, plasterboards are just the thing for you. These are economical yet considered high-quality materials for construction.


Modern plasterboards are mostly made of recycled material and sustainable resources making them low-environmental-impact material. These are free from hazardous chemicals that create a great healthy living environment.

Resistant to Fire

Plasterboards are fire-resistant if not completely fireproof. These are made of crystals that hold a small amount of water. This helps in keeping the temperature low in case of fire and curbing the spread of fire.

Low-Cost Maintenance and Repair

Plasterboards can be easily cleaned with the help of a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. You can also remove them without complicated tools for renovation or changing the layout of your house.

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Plaster of Paris (Pop) for Interior

POP mainly made of gypsum is a great material for creating drop ceilings. With interesting architectural elements like aesthetic patterns and cornices, it is popularly used for creating a decorative focal point for your spaces. Some of its dominant benefits are:

Light and Durable

POP is extremely lightweight which makes it easy and safe to install. You do not get knocks on drying as it forms a thick resistant surface. It also does not crack on setting or heating which makes it highly durable.

Fire Resistant

POP has low thermal conductivity and good insulation for heat. These properties make it fire resistant and curb the spread in case a fire breaks out.

Easy to Mold

Mix with water and POP can be molded into any shape or pattern you want. It is highly dynamic and suitable for creating aesthetic ornamental ceilings with intricate and elaborate designs.

Great Appeal

POP is known for its smooth and shiny finish. Its firm surface allows the colors to settle flawlessly. Despite multiple benefits, POP still faces stiff competition from the plasterboard ceiling. Following are some pitfalls of the material that sometimes pushes it to the backseat.

  • Making ornamental patterns using POP requires precise skills which is why the installation is not as easy as for plasterboards.
  • The requirement of skilled labor for creating designs and setting them on the ceiling increases the cost of labor.
  • Mixing POP content is a messy process and requires a lot of on-site cleaning once the work is done. Also, some of the mixtures drop off in the application process.

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