Travelling to Dubai? Here is Everything that you Must Know

Dubai is a dream holiday destination for many people. However, if you plan your trip well, it can become your perfect holiday destination. The place is a unique blend of desert, beaches and amazing infrastructure. Are you planning your next holiday in Dubai? Or you are visiting the place for an official work? If yes, here is everything that you should know while traveling to Dubai:-

Traveling to Dubai

Traveling to Dubai
Traveling to Dubai

Dubai is an extremely amazing place if you are visiting there with children. Unlike other places, some of the best hotels in Dubai have a customized menu for children. There are even discounts for children at various malls, recreational centers, beaches etc. There are many hotels that offer babysitting services too.

Dubai is a safe place when it is about women. The travelers can travel freely without worrying much about their safety. However, they need to be aware of the general rules. Women travelers need to be aware of the dressing rules there. Try to avoid wearing revealing dresses at public places because that is against the general culture of that place.

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Best Weather

The place is hot. You should be mentally prepared to experience heat while traveling to Dubai and should carry your clothes accordingly. It is hotter than most of the countries of the world even during the winters. Therefore, do not expect to experience a pleasant temperature unless you are in a pool or in your air-conditioned room in one of the 4-star hotels in Dubai.

Good Food

If you are someone who loves partying and enjoying good food, try to avoid traveling to Dubai during Ramadan. Since it is primarily a Muslim place, most of the eateries will be closed during the day in the month of Ramadan. Moreover, it will be like hurting the religious sentiments of the people if you are seen eating at public places during Ramadan. After 1 month of Ramadan, Muslim people celebrate eid day and make a lot of fun.

Do not miss out on some of the best brunches in the world while traveling to Dubai. It has some of the most amazing food options and will be a heaven for foodies. You will find the best cuisines from all over the world where you get the authentic taste in a single place.

Do not display affection in public places. You can be arrested for doing the same. Make sure that you restrict your affection to private places. It is considered as against the general rules of that place.

Weekends Day

The week cycle runs differently in Dubai. The weekends are from Thursday to Saturday instead of the regular Friday to Sunday. Therefore, if you are planning to go on a short trip, make your plans accordingly so that you can explore the most in the minimum time.

There is a lot to do in Dubai. Dubai has too many beaches that offer you different types of recreational activities. Some of the beaches are open at night for special parties. Dubai also has malls that allow indoor skiing and snowboarding. When it comes to outdoor activities, the most popular one there is skydiving near Burj Khalifa. It gives one of the best views and one of the most memorable experiences of the lifetime.

Follow these Tips Mindfully

Do not try to click pictures of people without asking them. This might invite unnecessary trouble for you. Be courteous and take permission before doing that. Also, avoid clicking too many pictures of important government buildings and in government areas. This might raise suspicion on you. Also, Police can call you to the police station for interrogation.

  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in public places. Avoid consuming alcohol on the streets of Dubai. Also, drinking and driving is a criminal offense as it is in most of the countries. For travelers, you can get alcohol only from Duty-Free Shops at the airport because other shops sell only to Dubai residents who have an alcohol license. Also, you cannot get alcohol on public holidays and mourning days.
  • Dubai is highly intolerant towards drugs. Dubai has strict laws for drugs. It is difficult to get out of the strict laws that govern that place. Moreover, Dubai has its own policies in terms of restricted drugs. Therefore, it is advisable to verify the chemical components of your medicines twice as per the laws prevailing in Dubai.
  • You should have a valid international driving license to drive in Dubai. Since taxis are expensive there, you can even rent a car if you hold an international driving license. However, before driving there, you must be aware of the speeding rules.

All the information is here. Book the best hotels in Dubai and go on holiday now!