Travelling with Style – Morocco Holidays

Getting dressed nicely and looking glamorous and walking like a graceful lady is a women therapy to enjoy the life at its best. Regardless of the circumstances of life, this is one of the trends that exist all over the world. No matter where a woman belongs, she is always attracted to the new fashion trends.

Morocco Holidays
Morocco Holidays


Morocco Holidays

Every one of them wants to look beautiful in her own way. Well, the fashion industry of Morocco tourism is also getting in trends. It is because of the tourism, people on Morocco Holidays like to adopt their trends for the holiday session. It is always fun to live the norm of the country. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip to Morocco, watch out some cool trends to follow. No matter your party rocker or a messy and homesick person, the country has very simple trends to follow.

1Colorful Djellaba

It is a traditional Kaftan-like a dress which is an Arabic tradition. They are made according to the occasions. You can wear it at various moments of celebration, the colors are enchanting and the prints are classy. Women of Morocco also wear it as a casual dress and especially when going out. You can also enjoy it by styling yourself in a colorful Djellaba at least for once.  When you’ll walk out in the streets while wearing a traditional Morocco dress, that moment will be the real exploration of the culture.


The fun fact is that it also comes in a different variety for men. Well, the men of Morocco are quite tall and handsome, I am sure anyone with these features would look great in Djellaba. The good news is that you can make your spouse wear it too.

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2Ethnic Jewellery Collection

Jewellry is every women’s weakness. Morocco gives you very fair chances of shopping the best handmade and antique jewellery from the market. Fez, Marrakech, Tangier, and Agadir. These are the best cities to shop for jewellery. The ethnic styles of ornaments are amazing and if you’re looking for more traditional stuff, shop them from the women living around the mall towns in the middle of Atlas Mountains. These towns have women with the best collection of jewellery including earrings, necklace, and beautiful bracelets too.

3Stylish Hand-made and leather bags

Hand-made bags are quite a trendy fashion in Morocco. Those bags look so spectacular and girls usually find it amazing because it makes them feel younger and classy at the same time. Other than that leather bags are best for travel perks. A student who loves traveling and likes to keep a laptop along are the ones who prefer these bags. These bags are made with special leather that is crafted in the tanneries of Fez. This one of the specialty of Morocco and is loved around the world.

4Trendy & stylish Sandals for men

Special trendy and styled Sandals with a variety of colors are worn by men on special occasions. This one tradition is quite amazing for me. These shoe wears are not rough or uncomfortable, in fact, it is one of the astonishing experience. Go stylish with Moroccan cool bag rends and bring one back home too.

Trendy & stylish Sandals for men
Trendy & stylish Sandals for men


5 Leather Jackets (In winters)

If you’re planning your tour to Morocco in winters, you might need any of the leather jackets and it especially needed by men. Women can also wear them with jeans and a shirt. It does look like a western style but winters are not so cold in the cities so, a leather jacket would be enough to keep yourself warm.

6 Scarves

The desert tour is usually hot and apart from that, it can feel like burning your skull. Sometimes, summers get blazing hot in cities too. The scarf is also a trend in Morocco and some of the tourists also like to wear it as a protection from the sun. There are trendy scarves with vibrant colors in almost every market.

However, plan your Morocco honeymoon package now and enjoy the trendy vacations. Look glamorous, be classy and enjoy the thrill with family and friends.