Understanding the Facts About Sending Christmas Cards to Your Business

The primary goal of all businesses is always to attract more customers and clients who use the business’s products or services. And that is only possible when the business’s target audience gets convinced enough to use the products and services. But there is a lot more that the business can do to ensure it retains its customer base and even adds to its list of potential clients.

Christmas Card from Business

Sending holiday cards to the business associates, clients, and the potential loyal customers is one of the most effective ways to develop stable business-customer relationships. This trick has worked for many businesses and also seen business customer bases increase significantly.

Christmas Card from Business
Christmas Card from Business

So, in as much as most businesses and business professionals see sending holiday cards to clients as a task, it can benefit your brand a great deal. Holidays like Christmas, New Years, Easter holidays, etc. are but a few of the holidays that a business can use to send the holiday cards.

Reasons You Should Send Christmas Cards to Your Business Associates

As mentioned earlier, sending real estate Christmas cards to your business associates can work in your favor and boost your business’s client base. And that, in turn, means an increase in your business sales in products and services. Aside from that, your business will also enjoy other benefits as well. Here are some of the key benefits your business will enjoy when you send real Christmas holiday cards this season.

1 Demonstrate the business’s authenticity

It is critical to note that electronic cards are not perceived the same way as physical holiday cards are. And this lies in the hold that physical cards have had on many people for more than 100 years. Most people take physical cards, holiday cards, included, to be more legitimate and prove that the business is authentic.

Data collected by the USPS revealed that 98% of customers check their physical mails almost every day. And that about 77% of them sort through their physical mail the moment they get them. From this data, it is evident that customers and potential future clients have a higher chance of seeing, and even reading, your physical sent mails. Constant spamming of emails has greatly led many customers away from opening their emails and also overlook, delete, or automatically move some e-cards to junk mail folders.

So, your business stands a higher likelihood of engaging with your customers through physical cards. All the more reasons to ensure you send your text real estate Christmas cards through the physical mail. Studies have also revealed that most customers engage with emails that are more personalized. So, including your customers’ names and physical addresses on the mails will significantly increase their engagement.

2 Nurture relationships and reconnect with customers

Sending Christmas and other holiday cards to your customers is also a great way of nurturing a strong relationship with them. As a business, you can take advantage of the holidays and send the holiday cards to your customers. This will also be a way of thanking and appreciating them for purchasing your products and using your services. People always want to feel appreciated for being acknowledged and appreciated for doing something. And sending them holiday cards is one way that a business can show them that appreciation.

Sending unique real estate Christmas cards to your customers also shows that you care about them and that you wish them well. Make your customers feel special and appreciated and they will, in turn, automatically reciprocate by engaging with your business more. A valued customer is a happy customer. And a happy customer will stay and keep using your business products and services. Thus, contributing to the growth of the business. Remember, by getting even one potential customer to become your brand loyalist is a great achievement for the business.

3 Customers see a greater value of the business

In as much as nurturing your business-customer relationship is important, you also want your business value to improve. And customers contribute to that a great deal. Remember, your customers also know that you are a business. So, don’t hide it. Instead, provide a value that you know they will respond to with appreciation for the business. Do not send real estate Christmas cards with special offers attached to them. Instead, reward your customers for their loyalty and continuous use of your products or services. Doing this will slowly see to it that the value of your business steadily rises.

4 Revive the ‘dead’ clients

As a business, it is not unusual to have customers or contacts who end up going dormant after some time. And in as much as you may have tried to revive these inactive customers, not method you have used seems to work. Sending these clients physical holiday cards might work. And it usually works most of the time. This is, yet, another reason to refrain from sending e-cards via emails. The chances are high that these dormant clients already receive dozens of marketing and promotional emails in their mailboxes. Not to mention their bills and other mails that they may be avoiding. All these factors make the chances of your e-cards being read very low.

Holiday greeting cards will, however, feel more organic and personalized. Put in just a pinch of the personalized touch needed to revive your dormant customers’ interest to start using your brand again. Remember, an inactive customer is not a lost customer. And if your business plays its cards right, it will have your dormant customers becoming more active in no time.

5 Make a real connection with the customers

Most of the time, you find that a business may not be able to send personalized emails due to the size of their mailing lists. And personalization seems to be precisely what sparks most customers to engage with the business more. So, if your business is finding difficulty in sending these emails on a regular basis, you can choose to post them on special holidays like Christmas. This way, your business also has enough time to send enough personalized physical real estate Christmas cards and not include any offers or promotions. Make your customers see the holiday cards as a simple and quiet way of your business saying “thank you” for using your products and services.

You will also be reminding your customers that you are still there and available to meet their needs. Think of it as a way of having your business act more human with its clients and engage with them without having to wear its sales or marketing hat. You will be giving your customers a breather from your business for some time and relate to your business at a more personalized level.

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Mistakes to avoid when sending business Christmas cards

Sending real estate Christmas cards to your business customers can benefit your business in terms of sales as well as improve your business-customer relationship. But this also depends on how you utilize it. In as much as sending your customers personalized physical holiday cards shows how much you value them, it may also not work that much in your favor. Not to say that sending the holiday cards has it demerits but how you do it matters a lot. Some of the pitfalls that can result from sending the personalized holiday cards may be embarrassment or damages to the business-customer relationship. No business will want to destroy the client base it has worked hard to nurture through simple mistakes made in the holiday cards it sends.

Most of the mistakes made are easily avoidable, and businesses should be keen to avoid making them as they prepare and send business Christmas cards to their customers. Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make when sending business Christmas cards.

1 Using outdated mailing lists

Imagine how your business will look when it sends to business holiday card to a customer who has not engaged with the company for over a year. this can be a very embarrassing mistake, and if word gets out that such occurrences happen in your business, it can harm the business. It is, therefore, crucial that you always update your customer mailing list before you prepare or send any business holiday cards to your customers. Doing so will help save your business its reputation and value which is more important.

2 Using your holiday cards as mail sales pieces

Remember, you are sending the business real estate Christmas cards to your customers to thank and appreciate them for using your products and services. You appreciate them for being your business brand loyalists. And so, you are not looking to drum up one last deal from them before the year comes to an end. The chances are high that doing so will only end up damaging your customer-business relationship and maybe even drive them away.

 3 Mailing your cards late

Don’t be in the business of mailing your business holiday cards late. You run the risk of these cards arriving late after the holiday has passed. And so, the whole meaning of sending the card will not make sense. The USPS and other delivery service providers are busiest in the holiday seasons.

So, if you want your cards to reach your customers before the holiday season ends, you will need to send them earlier. Holiday seasons come with a lot of physical mail delivery delays. So, if you want your customers to get your cards on time, you might need to send them some time around Thanksgiving. They will have plenty of time to reach your customers before Christmas. If you find that time has passed, or you are nearing mid-December, then you might want to consider sending your customers a Happy New Year card instead.

4 Typos

As a business, you want to ensure you deliver the best content in terms of products and services to your customers. But you also want them to receive your holiday cards without any typos. So, before you hit the ‘print’ or ‘send’ buttons, ensure you proofread your work and ensure the message is perfect. You do not want to realize later on that your message has some typos.

5 Offensive content

Never include any jokes or other material in your business real estate Christmas cards that may be offensive to your customers. When you doubt that any word or sentence may be offensive to some of your customers, don’t include it in the card. A joke is not worth putting a strain on your relationship with the customers.

6 Grammatical errors

This is the one common mistake that even the people who are excellent at grammar are bound to make. And businesses are no exception. This also calls for you to thoroughly proofread your business holiday cards before you send them to your customers. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your message before you send it to your customers.

7 Sending a boring message in your cards

Business holiday card messages that look like cliché designs or as if they came off the shelf are just plain boring. In most instances, customers will detect this almost immediately and assume that you put close to no effort into getting the message for the card. Also, it is important to note that other businesses will also be sending business real estate Christmas cards to your customers. So, try as much as you possibly can to be creative and unique with your holiday cards. Don’t let your card get lost in the other business holiday cards from other businesses. It is very easy for your card to get lost if it is boring and unappealing to the customer’s eye. Remember, just because you do not want to make your card or message look offensive does not mean that it cannot be memorable or fun to look at.

Final thoughts

Many businesses are now applying the use of business real estate Christmas cards as ways of enriching their customer-business relationships. And for the most part, it seems to be working a great deal in their favor. However, as a business, how, when, and what you include in your business holiday card matters a lot. And that is what will determine how your customers receive the messages in the cards and how they engage with your business in the future. So, try and not take it lightly.