4 Unique Benefits of Baby Wearing

Parents always consider the best way to take care of their babies. Through the years, the babywearing carrier has become the solution to look over the baby and properly hold him/her when going places. Babywearing requires the use of sling cloth or any type of baby carrier that secures the baby in the right carrying position.

Benefits of Baby Wearing

Unique Benefits of Baby Wearing

Here are more benefits of babywearing: 

Relieves Postpartum Depression for Mothers

Postpartum depression is caused by a hormonal change that happens to a mother after giving birth. It brings a feeling of unknown sadness, despair, or overwhelming distress after birth.

According to a study, the benefits to the mother of immediate skin to skin contact with the baby after birth will include better breastfeeding outcomes that result in a lesser chance of postpartum depression. Babywearing promotes the constant physical bond between the mother and child.

Good for Passive Learning and Development

When babies are carried around using a baby carrier, they tend to adopt facial expressions, learn to speak a language faster, and become familiar with people’s body language. The Infant Mental Health promotion program suggests that repeated exposure to people’s expressions and conversations helps babies benefit their speech and movement. The more babies are exposed to their parents’ daily activities, the more benefit it brings to their growth in babyhood.

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Burn Calories that Reduce the Baby Belly for Mothers

Most mothers who just gave birth find it hard to have time for a fitness routine or exercise because they need to take care of the little one all the time. One benefit of babywearing is the chance of mothers to do workouts while holding the baby.

How is it possible? According to Nicole Crawford, a professional women’s fitness coach, carrying the baby is a great way to work out while still bonding with your baby. That is why they devised some workout programs specialized for moms called “The Babywearing Workouts”. Using a baby carrier helps parents reduce weight and burn calories rather than using a baby stroller all the time.

Babywearing Is Fashionable And Practical For Parents

Wearing woven wraps, ring slings, and other types of baby carriers are becoming a trend today when carrying the baby. It is considered a fashion accessory that is a necessary item in the wardrobe for a young parent.

Fortunately, there are more options for a baby carrier to choose from. It depends on the type of baby carrier that will be more comfortable holding the baby while appearing to be on posture and classy.

Balanced Attention Of Parenting To The Other Young Sibling

This only applies to parents having young children while having a newborn baby. The older sibling tends to get jealous when the parents’ attention is all on the baby. A simple sense of touch is important for children to feel secure and loved.

According to a Harvard Gazette report, hundreds of children are raised poorly in Romanian orphanages because they have endured years of not being hugged or held by parents. Despite receiving proper nutrition, they had physical problems and depression. Therefore, using a baby carrier allows the parents to hold the other sibling’s hand while carrying the baby at the same time.

Final Word

Learning the benefits of using baby carriers and taking care of the baby suggests practical solutions in living everyday life. At the same time, it strengthens the bond between the baby and parent. Practicing babywearing should be encouraged for parents because it brings convenience to them and is also more beneficial to the baby’s growth.