Unrivaled Wallpaper Mural Installation in Town!


Beautifying your house isn’t hard anymore! Today, on a weekly basis, absolutely stunning prints come from factories, adding even more variety, designs, textures and fabrics in the world of wallpapers. Because of it’ sonly thought of as a thick paper, all DIY enthusiasts would plan on installing it all by themselves! But a word of advice would be to go for reliable and experienced wallpaper mural installation right here in Ashburn VA, as things do go south at times!

Alluring Designs

Wallpaper Mural Installation

From abstract to the forest to tropical to the beach to Victorian, mural wallpaper looks breath-taking without a doubt! This won’t just enhance your previously dull and boring walls, but it would uplift your room in a jiff! Kids and teens would simply jump with joy if you plan on re-doing their pink or blue walls with this!

Go for the prettiest mural wall hanging here in Ashburn VA and let that exaggerated wall do the talking!

Different Textures & Types

3M Textured Wall Vinyl: This material works incredibly well for indoors as well as outdoors textured surfaces like concrete block, brick, and industrial stucco. The overall look is definitely rich and prominent!

Dreamscapes Wallcoverings: This wallpaper would solely be ideal for an indoor setting. Also, it’s easily repositionable, so you can even permanently install it by just using an adhesive!

Magnetic Receptive (Visual Magnetics): This is erringly the real winner when you need something without the hassle and yes, it’s changeable. The good news is that this would save your money if you change your graphics often.

PhotoTex: This would stick to any non-porous flat surface. Very easy when it comes to installation, works perfectly whether you’ve selected it for indoors or outdoors. Interestingly, it easily wraps around corners, poles, and even ceilings. Benefits of this would be that its: –

  • Removable
  • Reusable
  • and repositionable.

3M Control Tack with Over Laminate– This type of conspicuously works well for outdoors as its highly resistant to environmental factors.

Which Mural Should I Go For?

Whether you want Hanging wall murals in Ashburn VA or a wall completely covered with an elegant print, know that you must consult a specialist before deciding on a specific type. Sometimes, you may feel that the 3D effect would look lovely, but chances are it could look very loud if you have a small space!

So, if you’ve become a die-hard fan of any one of the types and unfortunately if you have a congested area, you can always avail the opportunity of ceiling murals in Ashburn VA.

Verily, if you go with this idea in kids’ room, a ceiling with clouds or the whole universe – that would look absolutely fascinating and captivating especially when they’re falling asleep!

Additionally, ceiling murals have the knack to make your space wide and more open! So, if the height is low, this could transparently uplift the entire aura of the room (despite being small).

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DIY’s Vs. a Professional

Since a painting process can take up days to complete, apart from the added drying time, wall murals could be much efficient and simple when it comes to installation. To make things speedy, DIY wouldn’t be advised. Only go to a street-smart pro since he’s experienced and he’d only opt for easy installation of wallpaper in Ashburn VA, concealing all those blemishes of your wall!

Professionals also have an organized method, where you get to choose any design of your choice for hanging wall murals near you in Ashburn VA

Measurements Matter

Talking about wallpaper mural installation Ashburn VA means you must take proper measurements and only exact measurements! A slight error in this wouldn’t deliver the best results. As murals aren’t plainly glued to the walls just like that, know that there is a thorough procedure that eventually delivers a neat and tidy installation.

Preparing That Wall

Preparing the wall is of primary importance because removing existing wallpaper can certainly be a tedious task, requiring a lot of patience and the right tools.

Remember that stripping a wallpaper could be done either with chemicals or stripping tools, that’s why special attention must be given to it so that the wall can breathe; otherwise, you could damage your wall.

Without consulting a home improvement store or a specialist for specific instructions, never go forward with this type of detailed procedure! At the end of the day, you want a smooth finish and not a rough wrinkled look!

Numerous Advantages

As it’s very affordable, so, if you’ve just bought a new house – you can help your décor and interior to pop by going forward with a sleek and attractive print. As the variety is unending, you can get just about anything you desire. Precisely, every room in your house can have an entirely different touch!

Furthermore, if you want to make your shop stand out, a unique wallpaper mural would be perfect to make a bold personal statement. If used innovatively, it would faithfully help your brand to make a positive impression on clients.

As the quality is durable, tough and absolutely superb, this wonderful addition can endure different climates, including the rainy and humid. On the other hand, paint simply chips in no time!

Because minimal décor is what’s trending, a great idea is to go for the tasteful wall mural. This, along with a nice wooden/vinyl floor is enough to transform your room!


Painters selling their masterpieces and huge painting is sometimes out of the question because: –

  • They’re super expensive
  • You can’t find something exactly as per your taste!

Wallpaper murals, on the other hand, are much long-lasting and on the cheaper side! So, if you’re a beach lover, you can have that serene and refreshing image right in front of you! Conspicuously, these are very much trendy, latest and may never look out of style!

Convenient & Practical

Though painting seems like a lengthy process actually it’s the wallpaper installation that’s tricky! That’s why only a reliable company rendering wallpaper installation Service in Ashburn VA must be contacted. Since your previous coat on the wall – whether latex or oil-based paint is to be scrapped properly, a practical option would be to trust experts with the job!