Watch German TV Abroad

For most people, it is difficult to be away from the country where they were born and grew up. The more complex things become if one cannot travel home whenever one wants.

With our service, you can feel at home even if you are now on the other side of the world. Now, you can enjoy watching German TV in the USA for free whenever you want. The prices are low indeed.

Watch German TV

Watch German TV Abroad

Our team of German TV Company team does its best to provide you with an opportunity to watch German channels in HD quality. You can do it independently on your location, from any device. The only things that are required from you are a fast internet connection and a device.

You can choose a convenient plan depending on your needs and budget. The most extensive service is offered within the Premium subscription. With it, you can watch more than 100 channels in the German language. More than 1,000 movies are available. Otherwise, you might opt for a plus or Basic plan.

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For clients who cannot pay for the service, we offer an opportunity to watch German channels for free. The number of available channels is limited but you don`t pay a single cent for it.

Now sure whether to buy a plan now? No problem, you can get 7 days of a free trial period. During the trial period, you can experience all the power of our Premium plan. After that, you can either pay for the Premium Subscription or to opt for the Plus or Basic plan.

We have developed several solutions for you to choose from. You can watch German TV from the usual TV set through a special TV box. From some devices, you can enjoy watching German channels through a web player. And if you have an Android or iOS device, you can enjoy your favorite TV content from your device with a special app. For those who prefer the Samsung TV or Android Fire Stick, special solutions are available, too.

Don`t waste your time anymore! Watch German TV in HD quality.

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