Ways To Differentiate Your Roofing Business

Competition is a natural aspect of any business environment. Every field has many entrepreneurs targeting the same audience base. For instance, if you’re a roofer, you can be sure that you’ll face competition from other players in the construction industry that operate in your locality. As a small business, it can be challenging to maneuver such an environment and come out victorious.

What should you do to be able to match or even surpass your rivals? The best solution is to make your business unique. Most successful brands have a product, service, or policies that make them stand out. Differentiating your enterprise makes it credible and memorable as far as customers are concerned. 

4 Ways To Differentiate Your Roofing Business

Remember, this is one of the main factors that clients always consider when choosing a brand. Your prospects will want to know what sets you apart from the rest in the market. Therefore, the more differentiated your business is, the higher your chances of attracting and keeping customers.

That said, here are some of the ways to make your business stand out from the crowd:

Invest in technology

Inasmuch as technology has become part and parcel of modern life, many businesses haven’t invested enough in innovative features. If this is you, then you’re missing out on opportunities to make your brand stand out. There are a lot of options that can enhance your operations regardless of the type of business you’re running. 

For example, the field service industry has been boosted in recent years with the rise of management programs. Roofing contractor software designed by Jobber and other similar developers has made it easier to monitor and manage projects. Investing in such technological features allows you to offer your clients the best experiences possible. 

Automating routine daily operations can give you a competitive advantage. Your brand will have the upper hand whenever customers assess the best service providers in your area of specialty. 

Improve your customer service

Investing in technology is one thing but knowing how to use it to your company’s advantage is where many managers fall short. There are other businesses already investing in the same technology as you. So, the only way to make your business stand out in this area is to prioritize customer experience.

Ask yourself what your competitors are missing in terms of customer service and what you can do to close that gap. For instance, if the payment process is hectic for most clients, you can adopt an easier and more convenient mode of payment. Automated invoicing can also reduce unnecessary mistakes and ensure you don’t send inaccurate estimates to your customers. Documents such as this free invoice template can help to speed up administrative processes. 

Be honest about your service delivery

One mistake that many entrepreneurs make is to be knowingly or unknowingly untruthful about their abilities. For instance, one can promise to complete a task within 24 hours when they don’t have the resources to accomplish that. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, but you have to be realistic. 

If you won’t be able to deliver a service within a given time, don’t hesitate to let your customers know. Honesty doesn’t only take away the unnecessary pressure, but also makes it easier for customers to trust you. Always be open with your clients even when you or one of your representatives messes up. 

Never lie to your customers just to get yourself off the hook. Doing so will only make them lose faith in your brand and they may even start spreading negative feedback. On the other hand, honesty builds a good reputation and strengthens customer loyalty. Of course, this is one of the minimum requirements for any business. However, in a world where many entrepreneurs resort to deceiving as a solution, choosing honesty and transparency will boost your chances of standing out. 

Come up with new and innovative ideas

The beauty of the business industry is that competition pushes entrepreneurs to be creative, which results in innovation. If you look around, you’ll notice that most, if not all, established brands have at least one product that’s unique to them. 

That said, the first thing you should do is research your idea vis-a-vis the target market. What is the current problem facing your customers, and how can your proposed product come in handy?  For example, mobile apps have a lot of potential when it comes to solving modern problems. Unfortunately, many companies still fall short in this department because they don’t update their apps to match the current trends. 

You can make your brand stand out by ensuring that your mobile app solves today’s problems effectively. For one, you can design it to accommodate all aspects of your business in one place. The modern customer likes a mobile app that makes their work easier—and in essence, that’s the main purpose of any app. Ensuring that your customers can browse your products, order, pay for them, and also read blogs without leaving the app is crucial. 

But your ideas shouldn’t stop at how you deliver your services. You can also innovate new products that’re not offered by any of your competitors. Being the first company to spot a gap in the market and work on filling it is paramount to your roofing business differentiation project. 


The roofing business has become very competitive in recent times. With many companies looking to offer similar services, you can only succeed by differentiating your brand. Achieving this uniqueness isn’t a walk in the park, but you can start with some of the ideas discussed in this article. Technology should be your first priority if you want to succeed. Invest in business management software to ensure that your operations run smoothly. While at it, be sure to develop your mobile app and make it as unique as possible. Doing so will improve the quality of your customer service. You can make it even better by ensuring that all your representatives embrace honesty.