The Best Ways To Get Free Internet at Home

There is a great number of people who are making inquiries about how to get free internet access at the comfort of their homes. This article is meant to outline some of the ways you can get free internet in your home. Free internet access allows people to cut on the internet cost. Below are the best ways on how to get free internet at home without paying.

Free Internet at Home without Paying

FreedomPop Free Internet

FreedomPop offers sales pitch directed towards customers who are in need of saving money. They have a FreedomPop Basic plan which is offered at no cost on a monthly basis. They offer 500 MB of data at no cost for a duration of one month. This is well suited to people who use little or no internet since this amount of data is not sufficient to do casual internet surfing and opening of the emails.

To access this service, you have to buy a 4G wireless internet hotspot device which may cost you up to $20. Once you are done with the startup cost, you will be guaranteed 500 MB every month internet service. The service offers higher browsing speeds of up to 10 Mbps. That is extraordinary for free internet.

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Free Dial-Up Internet

1. NetZero

NetZero has been in existence for a long period of time while offering the best unlimited internet deals. Most subscribers are not aware of this, NetZero continues to offer free dial-up internet access. The only problem is that its usage is restricted to 10 hours a month. It’s available at no cost but its browsing speeds are slow.

You can sign up for your free account and use the list of access numbers availed to you to dial in. To use this internet on your computer you must have a phone modem in place. They offer free email support which is meant to help the subscribers get set up with minimal ease. When in need of phone support you will be charged a small fee.

2. Juno

Just like NetZero, Juno grants 10 hours of free internet access per month. Since the service is dial-up just like NetZero its browsing speeds tend to be lower when compared to a smartphone connected to a 3G network. For you to establish a connection you will require a phone modem. They provide thousands of access numbers globally.

3. Get Nearly Free Internet from ATT Access

This is not a completely free home alternative, but it’s well suited for homes due to its low charges which are equivalent to $5 per month. Those enrolled in government programs such as SNAP such be in a position to access high browsing speeds for as low as $5 dollars per month. The only problem is that ATT doesn’t allow one to have unsettled debts for a period exceeding six months. ATT offers good deals and that why you should opt for it.

4. Acquire Free Wi-Fi service from Educational Broadband

This can be problematic since you need to be a student and reside in specific areas in order to use this service. This is suitable for people who are well skilled in tackling online assignments for students that are well paying or you are well-informed about the means of earning income as a student, it’s always recommendable to take advantage of free internet, whenever you have the opportunity.

Most learning institutions such as colleges and universities offer free internet services to the students. The discussed above are some of the ways of obtaining free internet at your home. This helps individuals to save a lot when it comes to the data usage cost.