14 Ways You can Prevent Pest Infestation at Home


Pest control is a serious matter. It is important to take good care of the property to prevent pest infestation. However, in case the infestation still occurs call in pest control professionals without delay.

Experts in the field of pest control recommend some prevention methods to keep pests away from your house and office. Here’s what you need to do to prevent pest infestation

Prevent Pest Infestation at Home

1. No Leftovers

Ants love leftovers. So make sure you store food in the best quality airtight containers such as jars with rubber seals, glass jars, Tupperware, etc.

2. Trash bin

The trash box in your house or kitchen should have a tight lid. Make sure the lid is on all the time. Additionally, move this trash to the dumpster without delay.

3. No Holes and Cracks

Inspect your office and home for any holes or cracks. You should also check your foundation and vents properly. Seal or fill these as soon as you spot. This is an important step to take towards preventing encroachment of roaches, termites, and other pests in your property.

4. Keep a Check on Food

If you have dried food packages in home, inspect those too. Keep a check on these for infestation of any beetle, moth, worms or other pests. It is also important to check this out before you buy food. Avoid bringing home such packages.

5. Investigate Landscape

You must regularly investigate landscaping that directly comes in contact with your home or office. This is known to be the best spots that give pests an easier way indoors. Hence, make sure trees and bushes are away from the main building.

6. No Leakage

It is important that you fix all leaking appliances, pipes, faucets, at your home. Standing water is one of the major elements for attracting different types of pests.

7. Cleanliness is the Key

No wonder cleanliness is referred to as next to Godliness. This is very helpful in keeping pests at bay. You should keep your countertops, tables, and floors clean. Make sure these places do not have food buildup, crumbs or any leftovers.

8. Install Screens

It is important to install screens on your windows or storm doors. This helps circulate fresh air inside without bothering your pests. Call in professional pest control company if you notice something serious or suspicious. Pest control cost in Newcastle is affordable. Not hiring one may cost you more than what you end up paying for pest control services.

9. No Scrap Wood

Many pests especially beetle and termites are wood lovers. Hence, you should eliminate any scrap wood inside your house. Also, check for these outside home and office. The idea is to keep your home and its surroundings clean and clutter-free. Pests prefer hiding out in dingy dark areas. So the more clutter you have at home, the more pests you attract.

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10. General Pest Control

Try to use pest control products usually available in the market as over the counter products such as sprays, zappers, sticky paper, etc. These are helpful in preventing the issue from getting bigger to a significant extent.

11. Check Pets

You should check your pets thoroughly for ticks or fleas before letting them inside. Once indoors, the fleas can easily spread.

12. Vacuuming House/Office

How often do you vacuum your home or office? It is important to vacuum it frequently to remove pests and/or pest eggs from residential and commercial areas.

13. Use Aromatic Candles

Citronella candles are very helpful in preventing mosquitoes when outdoors. Stock these at home and use them as and when needed.

14. No Wood Mulch

Strictly avoid using wood mulch for your landscaping tasks. The best options are rock or gravel. Wood mulch is a potential attracter of pests.