What Is The Best Approach To Hire A Physical Therapy Billing Company?

You came into the field of physical therapy to help people, you didn’t do it for the sake of money. But you can’t deny the fact, that in order to survive in this highly competitive market, you need to focus on medical billing and payment collections. Therefore, medical practitioners are stepping towards hiring a physical therapy billing company to fulfill their financial needs.

Physical Therapy Billing Company

What Is The Best Approach To Hire A Physical Therapy Billing Company

As the financial stability of a medical practice mainly depends on effective claims management, which leads to maximum payment collections. If you want to achieve your financial goals, then hiring a medical billing agency is the best decision you can make to stay financially fit. 

According to a recent study, the trend of outsourcing physical therapy billing services has witnessed a surge over the past few years.  This clearly demonstrates that physicians are realizing the more benefits of outsourcing as compared to an in-house billing department.

Off-shore billing experts are committed to ensuring the accuracy of your medical claims leaving you with free time to provide quality care to your patients. They have extensive industry experience working with healthcare providers for their financial management. 

Here’s how a dependable billing agency helps you to streamline your front-end and back-end tasks. 

  • Improves revenue Collections. 
  • Reduces excessive administrative burden.  
  • More time for patients. 
  • Accurate coding.
  • Minimizes billing errors.
  • Timely submission of claims.
  • Reduces expenses associated with the in-house billing department. 

Choosing the right billing company is not an easy task. Healthcare providers must consider a number of factors before making any final decision. You should keep in mind the following checkpoints before selecting a physical therapy billing company.

Past Experience 

Before making any decision, it is crucial for healthcare providers to analyze the past industry experience of a billing agency. After ensuring extensive experience, the next move of medical practitioners should be the analysis of past performance and client retention rate. 

How long have they been in business? You should ask this question to make a wise decision. The general rule of thumb is to look for companies that have been proving revenue cycle management services for a long time period. 

It signifies that they provide reliable physical therapy billing services to keep their clients satisfied. Once you realize that a billing agency has provided a series of satisfactory and quality services then you should build trust with that company. 

In addition to this, you should make sure that the shortlisted physical therapy billing company supports your specialty. Check if it has any well-known billing certification relevant to your specialty.

Because every specialty has unique coding and billing requirements. So, in order to avoid any inconvenience, you should make sure that a medical billing collection agency provides reliable billing and coding services suitable to your specialty. The important thing you can do is to demand evidence of their experience and expertise before hiring.

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Get Powerful Insight 

You must check the reputation of the selected physical therapy billing companies. You can visit their official websites or other relevant online portals to know about the customer’s reviews and feedback. Moreover, you can contact the existing clients of a billing company to get a better idea about the billing services. 

Selecting a billing agency is one of the most important business decisions, as it impacts your financial stability and existence in the market. Therefore, you should take time and thoroughly investigate an agency before hiring. It would help you efficiently evaluate an agency with real customer feedback and a performance catalog.

As per healthcare experts, you should make a list of well-reputed physical therapy billing companies to perform a thorough analytical study to look for reviews from medical professionals practically. If you return with positive feedback then luckily you are going in the right direction. 

Knowledge About ICD-10 

Medical coding and billing is an ever-evolving environment. It involves great efforts and knowledge to comply with the ongoing changes in the federal and payer guidelines. 

However, a well-reputed physical therapy billing company has a dedicated task force of professional coders that can help you afloat with the latest protocols and policies for proficient income cycle management. 

So, in order to successfully bill for your healthcare services, you should make sure that shortlisted physical therapy billing experts have in-depth knowledge to diagnose your patients’ conditions in a manner that demonstrates the medical necessity of those services. 

As it is difficult to decide which code will be used to represent medical procedures, therefore, you should team up with only certified coders who have complete knowledge about the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10).

Because it is mandatory to prepare medical bills by using an accurate set of codes. Only a claim that contains accurate and latest medical codes gets reimbursed. 

Ensure Compliance With HIPAA 

Security and protection of sensitive patients’ data always remain the major concern of every physical therapist. So, to safeguard your interest, it is best to work with an ISO-certified physical therapy billing company that is HIPAA compliant.  

They must have advanced tools that are also compliant with HITECH specifications. It is essential to ensure that you are providing patients’ data and their electronic medical records in safe hands.

Price Analysis 

Every time a practitioner wants to make a decision about outsourcing medical billing services then they boil down to the cost they charge for their services. Generally, a medical billing company charges a physician in the following way, 

  • Percentage-Base. 
  • Per Claim Fees. 
  • Per Hour Fees. 

Make sure to understand and carefully agree with the terms mentioned in the contract. Beware of the hidden charges that can lead to cost overheads. You can also ask for the options in payment methods introduced by billing agencies. 

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