What To Expect From The Very First Vaping Session


Vaping has been the trending options amongst the smoker’s circle. After buying your first vape and e-liquid, you are enthusiastic about your first vaping experience. Vaping can be confusing to navigate, and every new vaper is overwhelmed. Vaping is very different from smoking, and it can be a unique experience for some. If you have recently quit cigarettes or are trying new things, be sure to approach this with an open mind.

If you want to have fun and are nervous here’s what you can expect from your first vaping experience-

Understand that vaping is different from smoking

First Vaping Session

If you are using vaping to fight your cigarette cravings, understand that it is quite different from smoking.  It feels different than your traditional tobacco products, and getting adjusted to the flavor will take some time. Vaping pens or any vaping device primarily uses a vaping juice which is composed of flavoring, nicotine extract, water, propylene glycol, and glycerine. When this liquid is set aflame, it produces a lot of smoke. This can take some time to get used to, and it is crucial to understand this is an acquired taste and will take some time to adjust. Do not expect the same rush as a cigarette would do. Take smaller puffs and soak in the experience. Invest in a good quality vaping kit and vape juice from a trusted vape shop.

Expect a lot of coughing

Vaping produces a different sensation than smoking, and you will experience a lot of coughing at first. Most vapors report they coughed a lot in the beginning. This is also dependent on the vaping juice used. If you are a beginner, ask your vape shop owner to give you something more natural on the lungs, pleasant, and doesn’t want you forever from vaping. You do not need to worry as your resistance to smoke will wear down after a few vaping sessions.

Trouble managing the vapor output

Most probably, your first vaping experience will be involving a lot of glitches due to no prior knowledge of handling a vaping device. You may find it challenging to navigate your way around the avoiding pen, how to refill it, and ways to control the vapor output.  This may also include troubles turning on and off the vaping device you use.  It’s essential to keep practicing and reading the user manual carefully to have good experience in the next consecutive sessions.

Unaware of ways to produce the vapor

Many vaping pens are automatic, but most of them involve a manual operating.  First-time vapers often report that they couldn’t understand how to start vapor production in their device. In some pens, you need to push a button in others. You need to change the position of the striker to stimulate vapor synthesis.

Extremely low or extremely high temperatures

Vaping involves the adjustment of voltage or watts on the vaping pen. When you are experimenting with vaping for the first time, you may go either too high or too low with the temperature setting giving a lousy flavor and vapor production. It’s essential to understand this will take time, and you need to study deeply about watts and voltages and then find the best thing suitable for your needs.

Dry hits due to the absence of enough juice in your carton

Beginners often complain there is never enough e-liquid in their vaping device. This can be attributed to the fact that you do not fill the machine. You are most likely to experience what everyone calls a dry hit. Dry hit produces a burning sensation and may produce severe coughs.  Be sure to fill the tank to the brim and keep refilling it every time after checking the levels.

Tingling sensation in the throat

You may inhale a deep, full draw from the vaping pen and experience severe coughing and tingling sensation in the throat. This is because of the newer experience your body is being put to, and it settles down after a while.

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A nice buzz and high

Vaping will call down your nerves, and you will experience a significant high, and your nerves will begin to settle. During your first vaping experience, after a few puffs, you will be calm and collected.

The first vaping experience can be quite challenging and adventurous to many. You will experience certain things that will settle down over time, and you will start enjoying it. What are you waiting for? Vape your troubles away.