What’s EOS Life Like after ERC20 Wallets? In-Game Wallets We Trust

In June 2018 EOS introduced a brand-new blockchain architecture to the world designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. The software synchronizes accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores or clusters.

The resulting technology is a bitcoin hosting blockchain architecture that has the potential to scale up to millions of transactions per second, eliminates user fees, and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications.

EOS Life Like after ERC20 Wallets

EOS Life Like after ERC20 Wallets
EOS Life Like after ERC20 Wallets

This consensus mechanism has 21 block producers instead of a large number of miners used in the proof of work models. No one has ever come this close to optimizing the traditional fee model and the concept of off-chain tokens in cryptocurrency due to the difficulties with validation mechanisms. No one but EOS.

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The Next Generation’s Blockchain

It is fair to point out that before the aforementioned changes happened, EOS used to be a part of the Ethereumblockchain. Thus, when the iconic EOS software was launched, the need for ERC20 wallets, as a part of the Ethereumblockchain, vanished. From that moment on, EOS has had its own set of wallets, as impressive and revolutionary as EOS itself.

Before getting to experience EOS wallets, one has to have an EOS account. And to create an EOS account one has to use a pre-existing EOS account. Sounds confusing? Bear with us. An EOS account is a human-readable name, 12 characters long, that is stored on the blockchain. To get an account you can use one of the many third-party applications and services on the web. But be careful. Choose your account facilitator responsibly and do your research on a company before you do business with them. We always recommend reaching out to a company on the telegram to make sure they are legitimate before you agree to anything with them.

The Next Generation’s Wallet

Blockchain Cuties released the first EOS in-game wallet which has the functionality and capabilities of the best EOS wallets and then some. Blockchain Cuties’ in-game wallet opens up the EOS blockchain for players and brings the in-game wallet’s ease-of-use to the masses. Plus developers are always improving the overall game experience.

Blockchain Cuties is the first crypto collectible game which supports 2 blockchains simultaneously – Ethereum and EOS. It is also famous for its strong emphasis on different combat mechanics. Players get to breed unique blockchain pets like puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures. Each Cutie has a unique genome which is basically an analog for human DNA. While breeding, AI is responsible for coming up with a special combination of different genes to create attributes like hair, mustache, and eye color. These characteristics will directly affect the Cuties when players send them to test their skills in battles or place them in the marketplace for sale.

5 Reasons Why

Create an EOS account in less than 2 minutes. It can be done for just $5 (cheapest there is). The EOS’s transaction speed is legendarily fast. This makes the gaming experience smooth and pleasant and doesn’t put unnecessary constraints on users’ time. EOS blockchain being implemented in the game means the process of breeding, buying, selling and sending Сuties on adventures occurs continuously. Blockchain Cuties has one of the biggest active communities in crypto gaming, recently reaching second place in DappRadar’sblockchain games rating. They’ve proved their credibility, now it’s your turn to put a check next to their name.

An EOS wallet allows players to login in the game, and to do so they need to import their private key. It stands to mention that the private key is stored locally so players don’t have to worry about security.

To up the in-game balance, funds can be transferred through a trading platform like BestRate directly to the in-game wallet.

The game practices community-driven development by always communicating with its players and implementing their suggestions into the game. By taking part you not only get to join the EOS blockchain community, but you also have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the game itself.

For those who need time to adjust to brand new things, going forward there will be a couple more EOS wallets implemented in Blockchain Cuties like Scatter. Scatter is a compatible desktop wallet and it comes with a chrome extension as well. There are always choices with crypto.

The Power of the in-game Wallet.

The tenets of security and transparency that form the backbone of the EOS blockchain philosophy lie at the heart of Blockchain Cuties and in-game wallets have been tailored to adhere to these principles. The in-game wallet is available both on the desktop and mobile devices as well for all browsers and OS. Blockchain Cuties was engineered for growth, so there are no restrictions on the number of transactions players can execute. The EOS in-game wallet is there to remove friction and facilitate this growth.

 What Else to Expect

In the foreseeable future, the in-game wallet of Blockchain Cuties will implement seed phrases (sometimes called “mnemonic phrases”). It means that the in-game wallet software will typically generate a seed phrase and instruct the player to write it down on paper. If the player’s computer breaks down or their hard drive gets corrupted, they could download the same wallet software again and use their paper backup to get their EOS wallets back.

Blockchain Cuties’ EOS wallet has fully integrated with the features available in the EOS.IO software. Soon enough this wallet will extend beyond the game to compete with any other familiar EOS wallets.