Why a Sex Toy Might Save Your Relationship


In the movies, a couple goes to bed, has mind-blowing sex, and all is right with the world. In real life, it’s a lot more complicated. We are stressed, we have headaches, we are tired, or we don’t fancy our partner anymore because they never put the bins out or they clip their toenails in bed. Is this sorry situation reversible?

Not all relationships are salvageable, nor should they be. If your partner is violent, obnoxious, a narcissist or worse, walk away now and don’t look back. But if the main problem is that you’re bored or dissatisfied with your sex life, we have a few ideas to help you find your mojo.

Sex Toy Might Save Your Relationship

Whilst for some couples, sex is a reproductive necessity and nothing more, for most of us, sex is a fun and pleasurable recreational activity. We might not do it all that often, but it does help to forge the intimacy that keeps us glued together through thick and thin.

50 Shades of Kink

Humans are endlessly inventive when it comes to sex. We have evolved past the missionary position to embrace all kinds of kinks. The global bestseller and subsequent movie franchise revealed a longing for BDSM and powerplay in the bedroom. Women everywhere were demanding their partners tied them up before ravishing their quivering bodies. Or so we are told. But not everyone has a clue how to spice things up, so if you’re still trying to figure out what and where the clitoris is, read on.

It’s fair to say that men are happily equipped with an appendage that requires very little in the way of instruction. Women are different. Their equipment is a lot more mysterious. It’s isn’t so obvious how to please a woman. Whereas men heat up quickly and cool down quickly, women take a while to reach the optimum temperature and can continue cooking for hours.

Achieve Sexual Nirvana

It’s not easy for some couples to bridge the gap, which is where sex toys can pay dividends. A vibrator can teach a woman how to reach orgasm, on her own, or with a lover. You can begin with a small, discrete model, such as a hand-held massage wand, and move on to rabbit vibrators and more. Online stores like wickedwandas.ca have huge selections of sex toys, so browse the range and see what tickles your fancy. Place your order and it will be delivered in a discrete, plain package.

Give Your Sex Life a Turbo Boost

You’re probably wondering how a vibrator can save your relationship. Well, think about it. If one partner never achieves sexual satisfaction, it won’t be long before they feel like throwing in the towel. Also, it can get pretty boring doing the same three moves every time you get naked. Introducing sex toys lets you experiment and push the boundaries. You don’t have to go too crazy, but it does encourage some additional playfulness.

When sex becomes boring, your relationship is in mortal danger. Instead of looking elsewhere or joining a book club, buy a sex toy and see where it takes you! At the very least, your partner might start enjoying bedroom activities a bit more!