Why are Vintage Rings Still Immensely Popular?

The charm of vintage rings is simply irreplaceable. If we take a look at the mass-produced jewelry designs sold in retail stores today, you will come to a realization that they lack the depth, detailing, and elegance of these evergreen designs. The styles that evolved during the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods are termed to be vintage. These antique ring designs were and are still popular for their beautiful intricacies. The detailing was enhanced by the craftsmen by using filigree and milgrain techniques.

There is something unique about jewelry designed in vintage style. Antique style rings are not just eye-catching due to their detailing but also exude a classic look. These are cherished and passed down for generations for being timeless pieces of jewelry.

Vintage style is distinctly different from what the norm is today. The diamonds and other stones were set differently back then. The bands in the rings used to be thinner than you will find these days. There was a special emphasis on including beautiful detailing.

Revolution of Vintage Style through the Years

Vintage Rings


If we take a look at the history of the jewelry designs that were popular back then in the Victorian era, we will note that the period was divided into three phases. The rings ranged from hearts to sentimental motifs. The industrial revolution paved the way for more sophisticated stone-cutting techniques. During this period, a range of beautiful rose-cut and mine-cut rings in a cushion, oval, and round shapes rose to popularity.

The solitaire style which is popular even today originated during the Victorian period. It basically involved including a massive central stone with sufficient detailing rendering a unique and special look. Another popular ring design of this era is the cluster. This was a more affordable alternative. It resulted in the illusion of larger center stone. The designs were mostly crafted with sapphires and rubies.



During the Edwardian period, platinum took center stage for designing open and lighter designs. Piercing work and intricate filigree surrounded with diamonds became immensely popular. The designs featured floral motifs and leaves. These also included pops of colors in the form of side stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

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Art Deco

This era flourished during the early 1920s to 1935s. This era witnessed machine age and also various reforms in the field of fashion and architecture. Elegant classics took the entire world by charm during this period. It was not just the world, but the world of jewelry too experienced a wonderful change. During the period, the central stone in ring design found a new sense of meaning. Although European and cushion cuts were still appreciated, the advanced diamond cutting techniques popularized brilliant-cut gemstone designs. Creativity and engraving around the shank became popular during the period.

Choosing A Vintage Ring as An Engagement Ring

If you have a thing for something antique and old, then you cannot go wrong with a vintage-style engagement ring. There is a plethora of reasons as to why traditional rings are just perfect for proclaiming your love. Classic rings never fade away from fashion. If you are paying hundreds of dollars for buying a classic ring, then make sure you trust a reputed jeweler for the purpose.

Vintage rings or the designs have a history associated with them. These can be passed down from one generation to another as heirloom jewelry. No modern rings can offer the same sentimental value that these

classic rings do. This is because each ring is unique and is carved to perfection. Vintage rings and vintage-inspired designs are not one and the same. This is something that you need to keep in mind while shortlisting one.

Vintage-style rings feature elaborate designs that have been inspired by eras bygone. Vintage style engagement rings feature intricate metalwork and stone placements. These also include filigree, milgrain, and scrolls that are immensely popular. These embody the designs popular during a particular period. A quality design will provide you all the aesthetics and style with quality assurance. Classic rings feature a timeless style that never fades away from fashion. They are neither overtly minimalist nor traditional. The designs balance both styles. Check out this article for the most famous vintage rings: https://www.brides.com/gallery/vintage-engagement-ring-trends


Vintage rings designed before 1950 were entirely handmade. This makes them unique in terms of quality and aesthetics. Moreover, such styles feature intricate designs that you will never come across in any jewelry store catalog.


As vintage rings were designed by artisan jewelry makers of the era, you will barely come across an identical design anywhere else. This will appeal to the brides who are looking for an exclusive design.

The only thing about vintage rings is that they are costly to maintain. This is because most of the designs feature intricate settings that are more prone to damage. This implies that the ring may require restoration or repairs based on the design you are opting for. If you don’t want to face such situations, you can opt for modification of the design or choose vintage-inspired ring designs as your engagement ring. Still confused? If yes, then you might want to check this.

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Still Can’t Decide What to Choose?

If you are still confused about whether you need to go for a vintage design ring or not, then here is something that you need to consider to make the right move. If you are all about aesthetics and intricate work, then vintage style is just for you.

If you prefer twisted shanks and other modern elements, then you can go for the classic engagement ring preferred by most of the brides. If vintage seems too much to your liking, then you can stick to a simplistic design. You can settle for a band with tiny diamonds.


Vintage ring designs have stolen the hearts of many women all over the world. Those who have a thing for delicate features and value aesthetics and sophisticated designs can go for a vintage engagement ring. If you don’t want to spend a lot on an authentic ring, then you can go for vintage-inspired designs. You can also opt for designs that include both modern and vintage elements.