Why Depression in Women is More Common than Men?

Mental issues, especially depression, have a high prevalence within our society these days. We are hearing people open up about their journey with depression more than ever. It is great to observe that the stigma around depression is wearing off. On the other hand, it is alarming to see the number of people dealing with depression. Who is more likely to suffer from depression? There is no specific method that you can use to determine who deals with depression. However, women tend to get depressed easier than men. There can be multiple reasons as to why this happens.

Common Depression In Women

Why Depression in Women is More Common than Men

Regardless of your gender, it is incredibly crucial to take care of your mental health. Depression can hit anyone at any time. However, it is your responsibility to pull yourself out of your dark phase. Studies indicate that women tend to go through depression, and mood swings a lot more than men. A woman has to go through many developmental changes, which can cause severe anxiety and depression. The way women think is different than how men think. The pre-defined gender roles by society are also a cause of depression in women.

  • Why causes depression in women?
  • Why are females more prone to anxiety disorder and depression?

There are a lot of studies that are addressing this issue. Here are some common problems that cause depression in women:

1. Hormonal changes

A woman has to go through many hormonal changes throughout their lives, which causes them to feel moodier. Some women tend to control their mood swings while others give in to their mood swings. Hormones play a significant role in making sure all your bodily functions are working well. Irregular hormones can cause more issues than mood swings.

Each woman is different and has the other functioning mechanism. Each month before menstruation, a woman can feel depressed and agitated. At this time, a woman can be extra sensitive, and they can react to small things. When a woman reaches the menopause stage, the chances of depression increase even more.

The reproductive years of women generally start at the age of 25 and end at 44. A woman tends to feel moodier during this period. There are a lot of body changes that women go through in the reproductive years. Overall, hormonal balance is crucial to maintain good mental health in women.

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2. The division of gender roles

We all know the dispute of gender roles between men and women is a constant town talk. Society has defined the role of males and females in the most irrational ways. The lack of freedom and the right to perform certain activities can take a toll on a woman’s mental health.

We live in a male-dominant society where the best job roles are mostly given to males. The inferiority complex can kill the joy of a woman. The lack of ability to do what a woman wants can push them into a darker depression phase.

3. Society’s pressure

A female is under a lot of pressure regarding career, marriage, kids, and being a good homemaker. Many expectations are attached to women and how they perform the roles society expects of them.

A woman who desires to pursue a career cannot perform well without fighting against society’s norm. A woman is expected to marry at a certain age and have kids by absolute age. These kinds of pressures are not associated with men in general. The force of society mainly puts women in dark mental space.

4. Post-partum

A woman has the role of becoming a wife and mother. When a woman becomes a mother, they have to go through a lot of body changes. A mother has to adapt to the newborn and provide for the child until they reach a particular life stage.

A woman goes through a significant trauma as the delivery of a child can take a toll on her. If a woman does not get support from their husband and family at this time, they get depressed. The post-partum suicide rate is increasing day by day.

A woman requires an ample amount of support at this stage in life. The process of healing and constantly nursing a newborn is hard on a woman. It gets tough for a woman to do well in all life roles. Hence, they feel depressed if they cannot fit well in roles as per society’s expectations.

5. Lack of proper nutrition

The lack of nutrition is common in males and females both. However, women tend to ignore their health for various reasons. It is vital for men and women both to take care of their nutritional intake.

A woman must add healthy supplements such as kratom to their diet. White Thai Kratom is an excellent supplement for women to boost mental stability and balance hormones. It is easily accessible in the market. Most vendors have kratom for sale, and they make it available for users quickly. You can have kratom with any drink you have in the morning. Similarly, women need to take a good nutritious diet to fight against all the hardships.