Why Get a Tungsten Ring for your Significant Other

Tungsten or Wolfram came from the Swedish word “volfram” meaning heavy stone. These metal wedding bands can take a modern twist from the usual classic style of gold and silver rings. If you are wondering whether this metal is the right choice for you and your significant other, here is a list of information that you should know before buying anything.

Qualities of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten has a lot of amazing properties. In the hardness category of 1 – 10, where 10 is the hardest, this metal scored a 9. This makes it extremely durable and rare. The metal also has the highest melting point in the periodic table of elements.

A tungsten wedding band is not entirely made up of pure 100% of the metal. The band is typically made up of carbon and nickel alloys. The rings are made of tungsten carbide. Pure ones are not very malleable so most jewelers worked with their carbide form.

Tungsten carbide is combined with the carbon atom to create a very fine powder. This powder is mixed with binders such as cobalt or nickel to create a wedding ring. All of the carbide rings retain the characteristics of the pure form of the metal. This makes the ring very resistant to scratching and breaking.

Tungsten is Heavier Than Titanium

Many people think that the two are similar. In reality, they actually are very different. The first difference is that titanium feels light. Some people even feel like they are wearing plastic. On the other hand, tungsten has more density. Therefore, it feels heavier as if one is holding a precious jewel. Many people believed that wedding bands should feel heavy so that they can feel the strength of their union.

Commanding Ring

The rings are first traditionally popular with men. They exhibit a masculine and commanding style that is hard to resist. However, as time goes by, women also began to appreciate the texture, custom engravings, and the diamond inlays that look well with all tungsten carbide rings.

Other Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide Rings

The ring is an electrical conductor. If you are working as an electrician, then you should remove the ring for safety purposes. In the event of an emergency, the rings can be removed using any jewelry removal tool. They are also heavier compared to 14 karat gold wedding bands.

Rings that contain a low percentage of nickel are more valued. There are a lot of designer brands that offer up to $500 for a wedding band that has a diamond setting.

Black and Gold Colors

The natural color of the metal is gray. The popularity of black-colored rings can be seen by people wearing onyxes and black ceramics. However, these are non-metallic in nature. If you want something black that is a made of a metallic element, go with tungsten. The black color is made up of tungsten plate that is added over the natural gray color of the metal.

Black and Gold Colors Rings
Black and Gold Colors Rings

The black color contains tungsten carbide ingredients that are necessary for the rings to be unbreakable. You can see a lot of black rings engraved with blue, green, and other colors. There are also rings that are gold-plated. This is a combination of the strength of tungsten and the allure of gold. There are engravings on the ring and the colors usually vary.

Pros of Choosing a Tungsten Wedding Ring

As mentioned before, tungsten rings are extremely scratch resistant than the traditional ring. They don’t bend so they are ideal for men and women who are working with heavy machinery. They are durable and engraved with a laser. The rings are highly polished and they can be available in dark colors. They are resistant to tarnishing and corrosion and they do not require any rhodium plating.

The rings have very reasonable prices. There are high-quality designer brands that are more beautiful to look at than the standard gold bands.

If you and your significant other are looking for elegant and timeless rings that will not empty your bank account, tungsten rings are a great choice for you. You can check for other designs and think of your preferred engravings before buying the rings.

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