Why It’s High Time to Have a Home Elevator

Commercial lifts came into being in the mid-1800s. It didn’t take long before residential versions showed up just before the 1900s. Their popularity descended in 1929 during the stock market crash, which is still considered the worst economic event in the history of mankind. It was also during this time when first-floor master bedrooms became popular.

The good news is that residential elevators are popular once again. This is especially true since lots are getting smaller and smaller, and architects and homeowners have no choice but to maximize any available vertical space.

Home Elevator

Why Its High Time to Have a Home Elevator

Refrain from assuming that installing an elevator in your home is just for show. These days, lifts are not only ideal for owners of multi-story mansions who want nothing but the most luxurious indoor living. In-home lifts are also extremely suitable for homeowners who wish to make their homes a safer place for them and those they love the most.

If you are thinking about having a home elevator and are currently on the fence, please keep reading. Below you will come across a few of the reasons why installing a residential lift could be just one of the smartest decisions of your life.

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It Increases Safety

Did you know that staircase and stairway accidents make up the second leading cause of accidental injuries? If it happened to others, it could also happen to you and your family members. There are a few steps that you may take to considerably lower the risk of staircase and stairway accidents, and having an in-home elevator is just one of them.

The safety benefits of having a residential lift become more evident if there are older adults around. The same is true if a family member has a physical disability that can make using the stairs an extremely challenging task.

It’s not a good idea to allow them to go up and down the stairs. One simple mistake can result in serious injuries.

It Simplifies Indoor Living

Especially if you have a very hectic everyday schedule due to your job or money-making venture, nothing can be more gratifying than coming home at the end of a long and tiring day to relax and unwind. Having an elevator can make every time you spend indoors simpler, which is what you need for being a hardworking and productive person.

It Helps Save Precious Space

Compared to a standard stairwell, an elevator takes up a smaller space. It’s why having one is a fantastic idea if you wish to maximize available indoor space.

These days, houses get smaller and smaller as the population gets bigger and bigger. Many of them are getting taller and taller, too. This is when the benefit of having elevators comes in. It helps conserve a lot of precious space, thereby allowing the entire household to enjoy more room for themselves and their belongings.

It Boosts Value

Having a residential lift can definitely make your home a complete standout. Because of this, it can considerably increase the house value. When the time comes for you to sell it, you will realize the full advantage of installing an elevator at home.


Contrary to popular belief, having an in-home lift is not only for luxury and comfort. It can also make indoor living safer, especially for older people or those with disabilities. It can maximize available space, too, and make you enjoy a stress-free life at home.

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