Why Luxury Apartments are Becoming an Attractive Alternative to Hotel?

Travelers are of various kinds. While some of them are leisure travelers; others are business travelers. But one thing that is common to all kinds of travelers is that they need some or the other kind of accommodation. There was a time when hotels and hostels and motels were the only alternatives for accommodation, while you were traveling to some destination.

Luxury Apartments an Attractive Alternative to Hotel
Luxury Apartments

But the current trend has changed. Now people look for other alternatives for hotels. More and more numbers of people are looking for accommodation facilities, which make them feel like home, away from home. Luxury apartments are currently becoming an attractive alternative to hotels while traveling.

Reasons Why People Choose Luxury Apartment Over a Hotel

After a long day of traveling, how would you like to place your feet up on a couch and enjoy your favorite drink or sip on your favorite black coffee? Having the ambiance of a home and not the artificiality of a hotel room, a luxury apartment any day ranks higher in preference when it comes to accommodation during traveling. The warmth and relaxation that can be enjoyed in a room in an apartment are unparalleled.

luxury apartment over a hotel
luxury apartment over a hotel

The decision to renting a luxury apartment is always more cost-effective than renting a hotel room. This stands applicable whether you stay in the midst of a city or in the countryside. If you live in a high-grade service apartment, you will never ever want to stay at a hotel in the future. People who want to have a long and extended stay at any destination, find the luxury apartments to be their preferred choice of accommodation.

Staying in a particular place for long might be required by the traveler for various reasons. Living in an uncomfortable, cramped space for so long might be uncomfortable. Moreover, there are other factors like pollution, day-to-day traffic, and stress, which add to the woes.

When one comes back from the ordeals, one wants a place that feels like home where one can unwind. And understandably, a hotel room can never provide that warmth. Luxury apartments feel just like home even if one is far away from one’s real home. This is actually the main purpose with which luxury apartments were built.

Moreover, when compared to hotel rooms, the luxury apartments are more spacious and airy. The apartments have different rooms, which are used for respective purposes. Social gatherings can be arranged in the living room; while the kitchen and dining space can be used for hosting guests. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc. are also seen in the luxury apartments.

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How Luxury Apartments Cater to Different People?

  • For couples who are travelers–When compared to a youth hostel, luxury apartments are always a preferred choice for couples, who are traveling. The first and foremost reason is that there is privacy in an apartment, which is not there in a youth hostel. Staying at a 3, 4 or 5-star hotel would be pretty expensive. However, the same kinds of services and facilities are available at luxury apartments at much cheaper rates. Couples can enjoy privacy and great services and security at minimal rates by staying at luxury apartments.
  • For groups–People moving in groups while traveling often look for cheaper options for accommodation. Staying at a star hotel will prove to be very expensive for them. Rather they would prefer sharing the accommodation with friends so that the total expenses are distributed and hence per head expenditure is minimized. Instead, they prefer hiring a luxury apartment and stay there as a group. The total price of the stay for each head comes to be something abnormally low. The household features in the luxury apartment can be used by everyone. There is also the option of cooking or you can avail room service – the choice is on you!
  • For families looking for an extended stay at a destination–Luxury apartments have well-equipped kitchens, where you can cook up your favorite meals. This is cheaper than eating out every day. There is also the facility of washers in the apartment, where you can manage your laundry without paying any extra charge for the same.

The space available in the apartments is also quite large. There are different rooms and one can spend time in the way one wants. State of the art pieces of equipment and appliances are installed in these apartments so that working is convenient and easy.

General Amenities and Facilities of Luxury Apartments

Majority of luxury apartments come equipped with the best of appliances, pieces of equipment, facilities, and amenities. Some of the common things which are found in almost all these apartments include:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Dryer and washer
  • Bigger closets
  • Bathroom with modern accessories and attachments
  • Housekeeping
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fitness center
  • Home Comforts
  • 24/7 concierge

The biggest advantage of staying in luxury apartments when compared to hotel rooms is privacy and security. The cost-effectiveness factor is also a very important thing for sure, particularly when it comes to extended stay periods. These kinds of apartments are now high in demands including general travelers, backpackers as well as business travelers. The homely ambiance away from home is definitely an attractive feature!

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