Why You Should Start Taking More Day Trips

Although most people bring up traveling, they think about going somewhere tropical for a change: it’s not the only option! Traveling for just a day and going back home without spending a night away is becoming more popular than ever. There are endless reasons everyone should take up this fun hobby, and there are the top five.

Start Taking More Day Trips

It’s Cheaper Than Overnight Stays

The top reason to take more day trips is that you don’t have to pay for a hotel.  You’re quickly saving a hundred dollars a night by driving and then staying in your bed.  This lowers your risk of bed bugs, allows you to start your next day from home, and keeps out the stress of traveling and staying in strange places with kids.

You Get To Know Your Area Better

Some of us may move to an area and not know much more of it outside of what we saw when looking at Burlington houses for sale.  It’s okay; you’re not alone!  Taking day trips allows you to get to know the area more than that, though. Most of us live within a couple of hours of small towns that offer everything from artisan jams to cave tours and even private beaches most people don’t know about. So get out there, get lost, and get to know your area while you find your way home.

Fewer Tourist-Trap Vacations

As much as we tell ourselves that tourist traps aren’t that bad, it can be annoying to go to an area that’s so overrun with people that we can’t enjoy ourselves.  Most small towns have tons of attractions and exhibits, but with far fewer people eyeing them.  This allows you to relax and enjoy these spaces, try the food without hours of wait, and have experiences that many people don’t get to. You still get to be a tourist, but you don’t have to compete for the occasion.

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You Can Make Friends And Acquaintances You Can Visit

One of the worst things to happen during a vacation is connecting with someone who lives nowhere near you.  We want to see more of them, but they’re either thousands of miles away or from a completely different country. Instead, taking day trips means that you’re nearly guaranteed to live within a few hours of them if they’re not a distant tourist. As a result, you can make new friends, and gain another reason to travel!

You Can Take Your Pets!

This reason may surprise some people, but pet owners know the importance of keeping their fuzzy friends nearby.  If you’re a dog person or a cat person with an adventurous feline, taking your pet with you on day trips can be a fun way to let them get out of the house.  They don’t have to go without seeing you for as long as a vacation, and they get to see new things and have experiences your home can’t offer them.  Having your pet with you will also let you make more stops and enjoy getting to see more spaces you otherwise wouldn’t consider stopping in: make sure to bring waste bags!