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Writing Exercises for Advanced ESL Students: Guide on How to Improve Your English

If you are an advanced English learner, it is still not a reason to stop learning new things and improving your English. There are many different exercises that will help you become better at English, especially if you are willing to develop advanced writing skills. Here in this article, you can find a variety of different exercises gathered by professional academic writers from – online essay writing service. Read more information on this page if you want to speak English like a native speaker.

Top 5 Writing Exercises for Advanced ESL Students

Writing Exercises for Advanced ESL Students

There is always a way to make your writing skills even better. Here are the top five exercises that will improve your English writing and help you become a better English learner:

  1. Guided writing. This exercise allows students to become a little bit more creative and learn how to write some interesting stories. You will have to give students some questions about their story, such as “How old is my character?”, “Who am I?”, etc., that will help them write a unique and interesting piece of writing.
  2. Business letters. It is a popular form of writing that can be very useful for advanced students. There is always a chance that a student might have to write such a type of a formal letter, and this practice will be useful not only for language learning but also for work as well.
  3. Poems. Everybody will enjoy doing this exercise. This is a great chance to improve writing skills as well as creative thinking. At first, students might think that they are not good at poem writing, but in reality, it will turn out that they are capable of creating some really nice poems.
  4. Note writing. It is important to learn how to take good notes since it will help students to study any subject better. Give them an example of a good note that will give them an understanding of how good notes are created.
  5. Argument essays. Such essays are good for those who are willing to improve the way they express their thoughts and ideas. You can also try to write other types of papers, such as for and against or narrative essays. These are a great way to improve your writing skills and English knowledge.

Tips How to Learn English Better for Advanced Students

If you already have an advanced level of English, it might be hard to make it better since there are not that many resources for advanced students. Still, there are many great ways to do that. Here are a few tips on how to make your English even more advanced:

  1. Watch TV shows without subtitles. Watching anything with subtitles can make it easier for you to understand what people are saying. But what about turning the subs off? It will make you think faster and you will understand different access better.
  2. Try speed reading. Time yourself whenever you start reading. Give yourself around 30 seconds for one text. After that, re-read the paper to see if there is any information you missed or something you didn’t understand. If you understood everything, it means that you can read the next paragraph faster.
  3. Transcribe what you are hearing. Try writing down everything you hear while you are listening to a podcast or just audio. This exercise will show you how much of what you hear you actually understand.
  4. Do some experiments with different grammar structures. Of course, you already know how to use some grammar rules and tenses. But what about harder grammar? Try writing different texts or papers using past tenses, conditionals, commands, as well as other structures that are not very easy.
  5. Talk. There is a variety of free resources online that allow you to have conversations with people from all over the world. Many learners use these apps to find new friends and improve their knowledge of English.
  6. Study new vocabulary. There are so many words in English that it is actually impossible to study all of them. If you think that you already know everything you should know about, you are wrong. There are many words that would actually make your daily conversations and writing much better.

Learning English Is Not as Hard as You Think

If you are an English learner, you know how hard it can be to study this language sometimes. Apart from writing, there are a lot of exercises to increase your academic performance in school and college. But it does not mean that you can’t have a decent level of knowledge: it is just important to keep going, no matter how difficult it gets. Even if you dedicate a little bit of your time to English every day, you will still notice the improvements every day. Just don’t stop at what you have achieved so far: there are many more achievements waiting for you!

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