Xiaomi Mi 5X WiFi Hotspot Setup – Configure Personal Hotspot Mi 5X


Nowadays, people like to get new technology and of these WiFi hotspots is one of them. In this section, we will know how to setup and configure personal wireless wifi hotspot on Xiaomi mi 5X smartphone. In this wifi hotspot have unlimited privileges and it always inspires us via their proficiency.

Nowadays every Android smartphone user has own wifi hotspot just like as Xiaomi Mi 5x users. Xiomi Mi 5x has wifi 802,11 b/g/n, it’s great to use in a very long range. Wifi hotspot helps us to transfer everything very fast without any data cable such as video, audio, photo, document, file, apps and others.

WiFi hotspot more inspiring quality is internet sharing. Wifi hotspot transfers internet one phone to others phone without any cable it’s awesome. Presently, various countries bank aware because they use wifi hotspot to make their security strongly as a result, the wifi hotspot have obligatory for all Android smartphone users to use the systems properly.

Xiaomi Mi 5X WiFi Hotspot Setup
Xiaomi Mi 5X WiFi Hotspot Setup

So now we know about the wifi hotspot as well as has been known how much important for us. So go ahead, and try to setup personal wireless wifi hotspot on your Xiaomi Mi 5X.

Xiaomi Mi 5X WiFi Hotspot Setup

Setup WiFi Hotspot on Xiaomi Mi 5X

  • Tap on Apps and go to the Setting option
  • Again, tap on general setting of your Xiaomi Mi 5X
  • View more option from the general setting
  • Now view the tethering & portable hotspot
  • Now, press Setup WiFi hotspot of Xiaomi Mi 5X
  • Put the Network name on the SSID field
Xiaomi Mi 5X Personal Wireless WiFi Hotspot Setup
Xiaomi Mi 5X Personal Wireless WiFi Hotspot Setup

On your WiFi hotspot program and establish the Connection

  • Take another device that you want to connect with Xiaomi Mi 5X
  • From this device, turn on WiFi
  • Now, Find the available network of wifi
  • This is available wifi network that you had been put on SSID field
  • After finding, select and connect the wifi
  • If WPA2 PSK creation, then type password otherwise, none
  • After created the connection successfully, you would be able to use wireless internet or wireless Wi-Fi easily.

Remain that you have to setup wifi hotspot again after two or three days for the Windows PC. So make your smartphone use comfortably and try to read more so that you can gain more.