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This is the best article for you to make xiaomi mi 6 personal wireless wifi hotspot setup process. I shouldn’t spend more time to expend about wireless wifi hotspot. I hope, you have an idea about the personal wireless wifi hotspot. Basically, all the android smartphone or laptop PC users want to use their device without wire. So if anyone using their device or other connection then it’s called by wireless. So on this page, if you want to use xioami mi 6 personal wifi hotspot without wire then it’s would be wireless systems.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Personal Wireless WiFi Hotspot Setup
Xiaomi Mi 6 Personal Wireless WiFi Hotspot Setup

Xiaomi Mi 6 Personal Wireless WiFi Hotspot Setup

Wireless systems reduce a lot of expense that very helpful aspects like me. I don’t like to make any connection with wire as a result, I always try to create wireless systems, such as wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless modem, wireless others device. However, I hope, you can setup the xiaomi mi 6 personal wireless wifi hotspot also be following my blog tips. Further, if you face any problems with this xiaomi mi 6 android smartphone, you can contact with us and share your problems, I will try to resolve the problems as per I can. Now, go ahead as well as make a wireless wifi hotspot on your xiaomi mi 6 smartphone.

Setup WiFi Hotspot on Xiaomi Mi 6

  • Tap on Apps and go to the Setting option
  • Again, tap on general setting of your xiaomi Mi 6
  • View more option from the general setting
  • Now view the tethering & portable hotspot
  • Now, press Setup WiFi hotspot of xiaomi Mi 6
  • Put the Network name on the SSID field
Xiaomi Mi 6 Personal Wireless WiFi Hotspot Setup
Xiaomi Mi 6 Personal Wireless WiFi Hotspot Setup

On your WiFi hotspot program and establish the Connection

  • Take another device that you want to connect with xiaomi Mi 6
  • From this device, turn on WiFi
  • Now, Find the available network of wifi
  • This is available wifi network that you had been put on SSID field
  • After finding, select and connect the wifi
  • If WPA2 PSK creation, then type password otherwise, none
  • After created the connection successfully, you would be able to use wireless internet or wireless Wi-Fi easily.

Remain that you have to setup wifi hotspot again after two or three days for the windows pc. So make your smartphone use comfortably and try to read more so that you can gain more.


  1. I did exactly what you explain but my connection is always LIMITED so basically it doesn´t work!

    Do you know why? Could you help me?

    Thank you, MT

    • I hope, your hotspot program has been promiscuous. If you can’t access the program normally, you can make a factory reset to get back the hotspot program successfully. On the other hand, the limited connection would be unlimited after root your device. Root also risk for hotspot connection. So try as yourself. After all, try to do that you know exactly good for your smartphone.
      Thanks a lot, MT

  2. Hi admin, I’ve encountered an issue with my Mi6. I’ve used your method. But the issue is, when the hotspot network is available and my laptop is connected to it, the network suddenly disappeared. When I’ve check my phone, the hotspot function is still running. I’ve tried connecting other device to my Mi 6, but the same problem occured. Do you have any solution to this? I’m using MiUI 8.2 Stable

    • Hello Farhan,
      I noticed your problems with your xiaomi mi 6 android smartphone. Basically, these problems occurred when the users try more with one wrong aspect, in this case, you can disconnect your wifi network from the laptop and setup the new wifi hotspot connection with the best strong password. I hope, you would be able to setup new thing to work successfully.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your problems.


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