GoGoPDF: Your Free PowerPoint To PDF Converter

The current demands of this fast-paced, digitalized era are more on speed and efficiency. People have become impatient with the drastic technological advancements and require most tasks to be executed faster. To cope with these trending demands, you must learn what GoGoPDF is and how to use it to manage your electronic files and PDFs well.

If you are currently stressed about your electronic files in PowerPoint format because of their formatting issues and bulky file size, then you can now rest your worries. Although PowerPoint presentations may already be in their best structure, you might want to learn how to transfigure them to the portable document format given the present technology.

PowerPoint To PDF Converter

GoGoPDF: Your Free PowerPoint To PDF Converter

MS PowerPoint Presentations

Before we discuss why we need a PPT to PDF converter and how to use GoGoPDF, let us have a quick recap about these file formats. MS PowerPoint presentations have been notably remarkable throughout the years. It has been the top choice for any user creating slide shows, marketing strategies, business proposals, school reports, and many more.

MS PowerPoint has a complete set of tools for creating these presentations from graphs, animations, graphics, transitions, themes, etc. It is quite the ideal choice for any presentation, as you can also insert texts, images, and videos.

You can establish perfect timing and sequence for your presentations with its extensive set of tools. The only downfall of this file format is that they are heavier than other file formats and may have formatting issues when sent to a user with a different MS version.

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Electronic Files in PDF

You may have noticed that most corporate professionals and even school teachers are using PDF. But we can barely edit PDFs; why do most people prefer them? Its primary function is for convenient file sharing and printing. This electronic file format was innovated to achieve the ambition of a paperless office.

Also, PDFs are smaller in size compared to other existing formats. PDFs overcome the dilemma of challenging online upload and share due to large file size. Although it is never intended for editing, you can still make few edits to PDFs if you have the appropriate program. GoGoPDF is an excellent choice for these editings and PDF conversion tasks.

Preventing Formatting Complications Through PDF Conversion

The best way to avoid formatting compatibility issues is by converting your electronic files to PDF. As stated earlier, the PowerPoint presentation is the perfect choice for making slide shows and other presentations, but this does not mean that it is as easy as transferring PDFs to other users. You might encounter different appearances of texts and graphics.

Transitions and animations might also be affected if your recipient does not support the same version as your MS PowerPoint. If you convert your PowerPoint presentation to PDF, the exactness of your presentation’s content is exceptional. PDFs are lighter files, making them ideal for faster sharing both online and offline.

3 Easy Steps To Convert PowerPoint To PDF

This PDF conversion is your topmost choice to maintain your file’s consistency without affecting quality. If you are currently feeling thrifty and do not find yourself needing to spend on Adobe programs, you can use the free online PDF converter of GoGoPDF. If you are not handling many PDFs and only need a temporary tool, give this converter a try.

  • The steps in converting are pretty straightforward. Click on the “PPT to PDF” option from the GoGoPDF main page.
  • Upload your PowerPoint presentation on the GoGoPDF dropbox by dragging and dropping. Uploading speed may vary on your device and internet speed, but it usually takes less than twenty seconds.
  • GoGoPDF will upload and convert your file automatically and will have your freshly transformed PDF ready for download. If you need to share it quicker online, you can also use its URL and copy-paste it.

Although our primary focus is on PPT to PDF conversion, we’d like to stress that GoGoPDF is not limited to this file format only. GoGoPDF is a flexible PDF converter that also supports conversions for Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, PDF/A, HTML, and many more! It provides more benefits as you can convert your files the other way around.


While our technology and electronic files evolve, we must also learn to adapt and accept these changes. We cannot always stick to conventional ways as we may be left behind. Innovations like GoGoPDF make our lives easier and hassle-free if we uncover the way to utilize them.