3 Top Canadian Journalists who Are No More with us

Journalists are sometimes the most famous TV personalities more than film stars and other TV stars. Their passion and persona did drive a lot of people to join the field of journalism and try to carry on their own legacies. Few top-level journalists died in some form or the other due to some misshapen, but their records remain. Most journalists try to break them and make their own legacies. Well for those journalists who made journalism a real deal in the media, Died but not forgotten: 3 Top Canadian journalists who are no more with us.

3 Top Canadian Journalists

1. Bill Cameron:

Bill Cameron Canadian Journalist

Going by the full name of William Lorne “Bill” Cameron who died sadly on 12th march in the year 2005. He was one of the renowned Canadian journalist, an acclaimed author and a broadcaster by the job. Cameron worked as a host of the program, “Newsweek” aired in 1974 along with being a writer and a reporter. He was accustomed to joining and hosting the City Pulse at 10 pm on CITY-TV. Sadly he dropped the job due to salary issues. Cameron then went on to work with CBC’s journal. He also worked a lot on the radio flagship daily current affairs program named On Morningside and as it happens. In the field of journalism, he received a Gemini and a National magazine award is one of the greatest achievements.

2. Peter Jennings:

Peter Jennings Canadian Journalist

Jennings was a Canadian, American journalist who was the great and only sole anchor of the ABC World News Tonight from a long span of 1983 to the year 2005. In the year 2005, he died due to tragic lung cancer. Peter Jennings or as Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings started on the radio when he was 9. Then, he moved to the professional grounds with CJOH-TV in Ottawa on its early time. During the time of 1965, ABC News got the vision of Jennings and he became their legacy till the end. Jennings also did a lot of marathon news coverage over 15 hours of duration, in his long span journalism career.

3. Eric Malling:


Eric Malling

With no big name, Eric Malling was an incredible journalist for the TV in Canada. With a simple BA in English from the University of Saskatchewan and then went on to pursue journalism as his primary field. Out of the lot, he was quite of an investigative journalist with a position in the CBC’s the fifth estate for 14 years. On the field of Gerald bull and his included documentary got him tons of acclaim over the TV along with illegal export of Artillery shells. He also hosted W5 on CTV and it was known as W5 with Eric Malling but got fired untimely from CTV in 1996. Eric Malling was a big earner of awards with six ACTRAA Awards, three Gordon Sinclair and a single Gemini Award for the legacy of top-grade journalism.

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