6 Easy Ways to Learning the Irish Flute – A Beginners Guide

The Irish Flute is one of the most popular and beautiful melodious wind instruments around the world.  The Irish flute can be played as a part of a Band, orchestra, musical concert or enjoy its own.  Traditional Irish Flute is a simple wooden flute.  Mostly the traditional players used simple wooden flute, which is classical flutes. And some of the modern players use modern flutes which include some metal keys and additional tone holes to achieve prismatic tonality.

Easy Ways to Learning the Irish Flute

Easy Ways to Learning the Irish Flute
Easy Ways to Learning the Irish Flute

Irish flute can be played by the peoples of all the ages it does not matter either you are young or old. It’s one of the most famous instruments in music genres and easiest to learn. Its size makes it more flexible and easy to carry.

Do you like Irish Music? Would you want to know the easiest ways to learn and playing Irish Flute? Let’s start with the top 10 easy ways to leaning the Irish Flute.

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Holding the Flute form it’s Correct Position

Holding the Flute from its correct position makes you play better and help you to become a high-level flute player. So, the first step is to initiate and establish a playing position that is comfortable for you. Hold the flute in your left hand horizontally and spread to your right side. Form your left-hand fingers cover the three holes of the flute in the middle joint. Similarly, you’re your right hand to cover the lower three holes. Make sure use the palm /pads of your fingers to cover the holes of the flute. And your finger should be level to the surface of the instrument.

The hole is known as fipple, and it creates melodious sound when air passing across it. With your left elbow bring the embouchure hole close to your lips. Your thumb should be holding the Irish Flute from below side and between first and second fingers. While playing Irish flute keep your neck always straight. If you are right handed then it’s not mandatory or recommended to use the same above procedure, you can reverse the all above guidelines. But make sure if after that you get a flute with keys then it would be difficult for you to manage because of the flute with keys word only with one way.

Creating a Note

Adjust the position of flute for its best sound. Hold the bottom edge of the embouchure to your bottom lips. Put your first finger of your left hand to hole. When you properly cover the hole, blow a stream of air towards the opposite edge of the hole the lower note getting a sound. Similarly when you are playing it well and clearly put down the next finger until you are clearly able to play the entire notes of the bottom octave. You should keep practicing and find good sounds by trying different combinations of notes and rhythms. The best way to improve your skill is to play what you hear. This method is amazing to learn and play melodies.

Correct Posture While Playing

While playing flute you must maintain the correct posture. Your neck should be straight either you are playing while standing or sitting try to remain straight as possible. This will help you improve your playing skill and produce clearer and consistent sounds. Make sure, your body should be at a right angle. And if you are playing by using any stand, it must be at your eye level.

Source of Melody

The best source of melody is always those that pick up by ear or from other music players. Helping material like books as books are also a source of knowledge but it cannot fill the gaps. A wide range of melodious sounds are also available on different websites you can also get access to them.

Practice Every Day

Practice Every Day

It’s excellent to practice flute every day because practice makes you a perfect flute player. You should make sure your practicing goals such as define your goals for one week. And it will not only help you to remain focused but also help you track your weekly progress report. At starting play new tones slowly and keep your concentration on right notes. Experiment with different size, shapes, and placements to get the results as you need and to fulfill your dream. Once you can play it without any mistake then start gradually increasing your speed.  Although practice insufficiently only in coaching sessions leads you to frustration and stiffness. Therefore, it’s recommended to manage time and practice on daily basis.

Listen Good Player

The most essential and excellent learning way is to listen to good music players. You can use other helping materials such as YouTube, CDs or cassettes of other expert players. The music is just like an aural art and the notes can be written down but it’s not the style of proper delivery. It will help you to learn about new notes and rhythms as well as encourage you to learn it.

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