Top 9 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online


The Internet has opened countless vistas for anyone with basic to advanced skills to earn money online. Global surge in e-commerce is one of the key drivers of full-time and part-time online jobs. Additionally, the Internet has also made it possible for employers in one country to source projects from experts in distant locations.

There are three distinct ways to earn money online.

  • Fulltime Employment
  • Part-time work
  • Own Business

Advantages of Online Work

Online work has several inherent advantages. Mainly, it offers flexible work hours. The time you spend working online directly impacts your pay. Hence, you can decide on working online for an hour or two daily or take a fulltime job that offers excellent pay.

Myriad work is available online that offer lucrative income. Hence, you can opt for online work that suits your interest, skills, time and above all, meets your financial objectives. Moreover, earning money online does not depend upon your location.

These online jobs can also be performed by students and homemakers. All you need is a computer or smart-phone with reliable, high-speed Internet connection. It is however imperative to ensure your work is legitimate. This ensures you do not lose money and do not become prone to lawsuits or criminal charges.

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Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online

Here we look at different and legitimate ways to earn money online. You may consider some of these options to earn good money for better life.

Online Earn from Telecommute Jobs

Online Earn from Telecommute Jobs
Online Earn from Telecommute Jobs

Working from home or other locations rather than the office is a trend that is increasing worldwide. Such work- called telecommute jobs- involves working online, often with flexible hours. According to various estimates, it is estimated about 34 percent of all employees worldwide will be working telecommute.

Several factors are contributing to the surge in telecommuting. Prohibitive real estate prices deter businesses small and large from leasing or buying brick-and-mortar offices. Long and tiring commutes between home and workplace leave employees tired and stressed, reducing their productivity. Companies that hire telecommuters save about US$12,000 per year they would otherwise spend on transport and other allowances.

Telecommuters also earn more money due to higher productivity, since they are relatively stressed free when compared over those who work at offices. You can look for telecommute jobs with a top company and earn money legitimately by working online.

Online Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Online Earn from Affiliate Marketing
Online Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Anyone owning a blog or website can earn considerable money legitimately by working online. Affiliate marketing opportunities are offered by major e-commerce giants including Amazon and eBay as well as those dealing with specialized products and services.

Affiliate marketing does not involve much work, provided you have a running blog or website. For example, signing up for the Amazon Associate Program is free. As a registered member, you get access to the Amazon Associate dashboard, where you can make links for products sold by the online retail giant.

You get between two and 18 percent of the purchase value (minus taxes) whenever anyone buys a product through your link. Other websites also offer affiliate marketing programs that provide high returns.

Online Earn from YouTube Videos

Online Earn from YouTube Videos
Online Earn from YouTube Videos

Yes, making excellent YouTube videos can make you a millionaire. Earning through YouTube videos is perfectly legitimate. However, making YouTube videos and getting rich can take some time. For example, Daniel Middleton became the world’s richest YouTuber in 2017.

His YouTube channel, DanTDM has over 16 million subscribers. The 26-year old Briton has estimated net worth of US$17 million- earned by posting videos on how to win Pokemon and Minecraft games.

You too can select a theme that will attract a large number of viewers and open a YouTube channel free. Post short videos about topics that are popular and trending and spread the message through your social media.

Get friends and relatives to like and subscribe the channel as well as spread the word and write great reviews. Internet giant Google displays advertisements before, between and after your videos as well as banners that appear on the side. Google owns YouTube and pays you for the advertisements it displays, based on various parameters.

Online Earn As a Freelance Writer

Online Earn As a Freelance Writer
Online Earn As a Freelance Writer

Anyone with excellent creative writing skills and flair can find part-time jobs as a freelance writer. Depending upon topics that you can write about, this freelance work pays between US$30 and US$50 per hour.

Over a week or month, this adds up to a considerable amount. Freelance writers are required by businesses, bloggers, advertising agencies and news media, among others. Hundreds of online freelance writers are available through reputed job portals.

Freelance writers earn money in two ways: by working on an hourly basis to research and write content for a company website, e-commerce portal, news website or newspaper and bloggers, among others. Usually, the employer provides a theme or topic. You have to research on the subject to create excellent content.

Online Earn from Paid Survey

Online Earn from Paid Survey
Online Earn from Paid Survey

As competition gets hotter between Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers and producers of other products and service providers, everyone looks for consumer feedback. Listing to customers is vital for every business to review and upgrade its brand offerings.

Companies small and large get this feedback by assigning paid survey companies to get feedback from the public. You can earn money online by enrolling a member of any paid survey community. There are several reputed companies that conduct paid surveys on behalf of their clients. Depending upon nature and length of the survey, you can earn anything from US$1 to US$20 for your efforts.

These surveys can be completed during free time and during long commutes, on apps provided by these market research companies. Paid surveys will not make you rich. We include this option since anyone with basic skills, teenagers, homemakers and retired persons too can perform these simple tasks to earn extra money.

Online Store

Online Store to Earn from Online
Online Store

Setting up an online store does not mean you require massive infrastructure and resources possessed by e-commerce giants. You can open an online store to sell homemade stuff such as jams, sauces, spice mixes, skincare and beauty products, cakes and bakes, chocolate, dresses, costume jewelry and almost anything that is required by ordinary consumers. This is a home-based business. However, to ensure your business is legitimate, it is advisable to procure the necessary licenses and permits from concerned authorities.

Selling stuff online is very easy nowadays and does not require you to open a website. You can sign-up as a seller on Amazon, eBay and other renowned online stores. Post excellent pictures of your product with an attractive yet brief description. You can also sell stuff by creating an online store for free through Shopify. Facebook also offers two free resources- Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Business where you can display and sell products directly to buyers.

Earn By Online Tutor

Earn By Online Tutor
Earn By Online Tutor

Online tutoring is an excellent home-based business that can be started by using your unique talent or skills. For example, housewives with excellent culinary skills can provide online cookery classes while students adept in sports can offer coaching to other aspirants. Professionals such as engineers, physicians, lawyers, and others can provide coaching in specialized subjects to students in the field.

To enter this business, you can advertise services for free through a LinkedIn profile of Facebook Business. Entering into tie-ups with colleges and universities increases your chances of getting more students. Online tutoring and coaching is a growing trend worldwide. Students in developing countries are willing to pay to avail the service from qualified trainers abroad.

Ghost Buyer

The term may sound spooky but ghost buyers have nothing to do with necromancy or occult sciences. The term simply implies buying stuff on behalf of customers who wish to remain anonymous. This can include high-value jewelry items, antiques and rare objects that are available from legitimate sources. Often, the original customer wishes to maintain anonymity to avoid undue publicity or being pestered by the seller to buy more. Hence, such clients look for ghost buyers.

As ghost buyer, you will act as a proxy for the original customer, bid during online auctions or but stuff from high-end retailers in different countries. You will complete the purchase by paying money deposited into your bank account by the client. Upon receiving the stuff, you have to arrange for its shipping to the intended party. In exchange for services and maintaining the anonymity of the person, you receive a hefty commission.

Online Earn from Website Design

Online Earn from Website Design
Online Earn from Website Design

Having an online presence, though small, has become imperative for almost every business that wishes to survive and thrive in the Internet era. Buying a good domain name and hosting is fairly inexpensive nowadays. However, businesses find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to designing an excellent website that attracts people and keeps customers engaged. Hence they require website designers.

Website designers have very lucrative income. It includes various features such as creating a fixed number of pages on the website, giving attractive themes, incorporating logos and other branding essentials. Though these tasks sound complex, anyone with excellent creativity and some knowledge on website designing can enter this business. A single project can fetch you anything between US$750 to US$ 5,000 depending upon the type of website needed by your client.

More Legitimate To Earn Online

There are countless more ways to earn money online. You can find a number of these jobs and business by browsing through online freelance job portals and websites that list business ideas.

  • Medical Transcriptions
  • Online Translations
  • Social Media Management
  • Blogging
  • Virtual Secretary/ Assistant
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (Seasonal)
  • Crowd-sourced Projects
  • Online Graphic Designing

You can choose any online job or business that best suits your skills and enables you to work from any location with flexibility.

In Conclusion

Payment for every legitimate source of income online is generally made by direct credit to your bank account or through PayPal and other electronic wallets. Complying with tax regulations in your country increases the legitimacy of your income and fends off expensive lawsuits and criminal proceedings. You can safely consider any of these legitimate ways to earn money online. There are no limits to how much you can earn. The world has several examples of people who have struck a fortune simply by harnessing the immense potential of the Internet. You too can get rich through one or more legitimate ways to earn money online. It is simple, enjoyable and of course, profitable.


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