Advantages and Disadvantages of Heads up Devices


With the heads up displays installed in vehicles, it will be possible to improve navigation and safety. The technology was first used in military aviation in which pilots were able to get the necessary information displayed on a screen that was placed on the windscreen, direct in front of their view. This was able to aid them in getting access to information without having to tilt their focus while in air.

When you check the vizr website, you will learn that, at the moment, this technology is now available in most civilian applications. It is used in commercial aviation, automobiles, augmented reality glasses and other applications.  There are a lot of benefits that come with using HUD which range from increasing concentration and safety for the pilots and drivers to have a reduction in time used by technicians and engineers when servicing or repairing equipment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Heads up Devices

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Advantages of using HUD include:

  • It will show you all types of information which you require, that without the HUD, you will have to look at various dials. All these are grouped in one place for the best functionality. The HUD which you will find at vizr and other places have GPS, Bluetooth, and everything which as you drive, you would need to get on the right track and on time to your destination.
  • A HUD which is close to the eyes of the driver enables for a display that is intuitive of the features which are enhanced and data in real-time.
  • It is affordable and not as expensive as you might imagine. Just for a few hundred dollars, you will be a proud owner of a good HUD which might give you a safe ride in your vehicle.
  • There is a projection of data so that as a driver, you will not be distracted from the road by gadgets such as calls from your mobile phone or controls on the dashboard.
  • The unique capabilities of the HUD make it possible for the information which is displayed conformal to the world outside.
  • Eyes are able to refocus faster when you happen to switch from the road to the display which is projected, in most instances, it floats at 15 feet in front of you.
  • Significant improvement in the time which the driver spends with wondering eyes.
  • Reduces the fatigue of the driver in managing the information of the vehicle while paying much attention to the world outside.

The disadvantages of HUDs include:

  • At the moment, they are not big but it is still hard to implement them in the vehicle with all the controls which are required, thus a need for more development.
  • In the near future, these particular devices might just evolve into a media which is portable which will enable you to read your emails while on the go. Though having to access your email on the screen is better than on your smartphone or PDA, it will be a big distraction.
  • It might become a standard requirement on all vehicles and thus, make them be very expensive.
  • The optical system which projects the data tends to be a bit complicated making the light efficiency below.

Heads up device making driving safer

For years the manufacturers of cars have loaded more information into the display of their cars making the dashboards overloaded. There are odometers, speedometers, light indicators for tire pressure, oil and engine, radios, navigators and many more that nobody seems to understand because of not reading the manual. The devices offer information that is necessary, but at the same time, they can be a safety concern due to the fact that they might just take your eyes off the road.

Investing in heads up displays tends to serve a purpose which is higher for the car manufacturers; making driving safe. It helps in keeping the attention of the driver on the road. If you are driving in the fog, it might be hard to help yourself depending on the density. But if your entire windscreen is functioning as a heads up display, then the cameras which are infrared might show you the road’s edge, helping you to stay inside the lines as the rain or fog diminish the visibility. If you combine this technology with the night vision one, it could denote that, external hazards including deer meandering on the road, could be pointed out in advance.

The use of heads up displays solves an age-old problem of visibility and distraction through technology. With many displays, it is possible for the driver to be distracted as compared to a central display. This is a creative solution that comes with a technology twist. If followed correctly, there will be a decrease in accidents caused through distractions or visibility issues thereby saving lives in the long run.