Top Best Online File Converters For Your File Conversion & Formatting

Are you ready to convert your files into your favorite file formatting? Well, mostly, the college-going students have an issue of getting their files converted from PDF to DOC and from DOC to Excel. Therefore they are always looking for some platforms right through which they will be able to convert their files into the required formats. Why search around when we are here to give you the best information out! Right here we are sharing the list of top best free online converter for the readers that are compatible enough to convert your files:

Best Online File Converters

Best Online File Converters

#1. PDF Candy

PDF Candy is one of the leading file converter tools that will enable you to convert your easily and that too free of cost. You can choose the files from the platforms of Google Drive as well as Dropbox. Right through the use of this tool, you will be able to convert your PDF documents into the format of DOC. If you are a student, this tool is best for you. You can upload the files instantly.

You don’t have to put yourself into any hassle of creating a signup an account for downloading the converted files. You can save all of your converted files into your Dropbox and even Google Drive.

#2. Online Convert Free

Convert. Files tool is another one of the first awesome and excellent online file converter that is well-known amongst the students. This platform will firstly allow you to convert all of your files in more than a few formats ranging inside the formats of input and output variations. Start using this tool right now! You have to pick the file which you desire to convert, and in just a couple of minutes, the uploading will complete.

It can easily convert documents, images, books, audio, and archive. The just main downside of this tool is that you can convert one file at a time. Multiple documents are no longer accepted.

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#3. ILovePDF

Lastly, we have I Love PDF free converter! This tool is powered through Solid PDF. This tool is not just an online file conversion, but at the same time, it also offers you access to merge as well as crack and split the files of PDF. One of the best features of this online converter is that you can create your account free of cost through which you can retrieve the whole history of your file conversion much easier. This is a suitable file conversion tool to be used for educational and office-based purposes.

As soon as the whole process of conversion is completed, all the converted files are downloaded. A major drawback of this online tool is that when it comes to converting the large size of PDF files, it will be much time consuming and take maximum hours. If you are editing some large files, then definitely you will face certain issues. Therefore, we will recommend you to choose this tool just for the small size of PDF files.