5 Best Places to Visit in Toronto Before You Die

What are the chances that you may have not seen the best of Canada, in spite of living in there for years? Not too much, but not the best. Toronto is one of the most popular cities in Canada since it has a lot of great locations to visit. You might not live in that region, but chances are you can pay a visit to the mighty place. But if you live there already, here are 5 best places to visit in Toronto before you die or move out to relocate to another state.

Best Places to Visit in Toronto

The CN Tower Edge walks to go for:

Toronto residents don’t want to miss this great adventure at all, since walking at a height over 350 meters is not a joke. But that is the main thing to do for yourself while to exercise an adventure. Known as the CN Tower Edge walks, some people even go to the place for proposals and marriage. All you can do is just take a walk and remember the experience before you die. That’s enough for a lifetime. Canada Lands Company is constantly striving for innovative ways to share the CN Tower or Toronto Tower with visitors from across Canada and beyond.

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Love and Toronto Islands:

Taking the ferry to the islands is another thing you should consider doing before you finally say goodbye to your existence. Especially in summer, the adventure becomes mandatory, whether going for Hanlan’s Point or Ward’s. Nothing makes this place more worthy to visit with enjoyment for the whole night. You probably won’t even want to go for a nap at all.

The Christie pits park visit:

Games might not be your thing to do, but a visit to the Christie Pits Park might and will change your opinion later. Fine! At least you can grab a spot on the hillside that is above the ball diamond watch the game with your family, friends or partner, with some snacks and drinks. That is soothing and some home runs can make your meetups better. Even more addictive.

Kensington Market and Sundays:

The best combination is roaming on Sundays on the Kensington market. With no vehicles to worry about at all (since there aren’t any at all). No vehicles? Roam anywhere and any way you want, just feel free in the market. Have some snacks, foods, desserts or drinks, spicy, even a dinner with your family as you like. Aside, the streets are open for dance and music performances to food vendors again. You can miss that at all before you are reduced to ashes.

Last, go to Carousel Bakery:

For vegetarians, it is a misery to hold for and live forever. But if you love beacon, you got to visit Carousel Bakery at least for once just to taste peameal bacon, at any cost. It does come out pretty cheap, once it becomes your habit more than beers and smoking. Most people who try it are usually lovers of beacon and peameal bacon is still one of the most important and must try out the dish in Toronto. Also, the bakery serves over 2000, on a daily basis. That’s not a coincidence of the taste to be not felt.