Creative Interior Design Ideas For Home


Pressure Sensitive entrance door mat wired to the ringing bell. to indicate people entering the homes. Curved Doors at room entrances giving a capturing effect to the one entering and welcoming feel. Mirrored Ceiling Mirror on the ceiling above the bed in the exact size of the bed.

Interior Design Ideas

Wall Mounted Lamp with Coat Hanger. Antique style wall mounted lamp with hooks below it to hang clothes.  Bed cum Table Bed which can be converted into the table for rooms with small spaces, a slab from the side of the bed can be pulled out with a hinged stand

Bed Compartment. Bed with windows around making it a separate compartment with the room for houses with no separate living room. Bed with built-in Racks. Racks are fixed on the sides of the bed and can be used for storage purposes.

Recommended For You:

Wall foldable Bed  Wall folding beds come in handy when room spaces are small when the bed is not of used it can be folded on to the wall giving more space.

IOT Integration.  Internet of Things the upcoming trend in the current world when integrated with devices and household equipment gives a more lively feeling of a home

Movable Slabs. slabs mounted on walls with ball bearings and channels, slabs can be rearranged anytime as per our requirement, these Slabs give a clean and neat look and can be shifted any time we need.

Storage Slabs and Shelves Slabs and Shelves near the ceiling can be used for long-term storage will clear the items kept on the floor unused for long periods of time.

Floor Shelves. Shelves embedded in the floor at used space with options to draw out like a chest of drawers, this reduces the space occupied by the shelves and cupboards.

Wall Embedded Shelves- Shelves and Racks can be fixed within the wall to keep books and showcases

Wall Murals- Murals with natural scenery fixed on walls to give a feeling of connection with nature giving a feeling of more space.

Racks Under Staircase Keeping racks under the staircase going to the upper floor is good to store household

Light Wall Paints  are very good for small homes which make the   interior very spacious

Foldable coffee table. Compact wall fixed coffee table foldable onto the wall giving more space in the room.

Niches in the wall with lighting and charging points and sockets this hide the electrical points in the room hence giving the wall a smooth look with minimal points

Octagonal Pillar with shelves and racks, the octagonally shaped pillar can keep more stuff inside the Pillar and supports are fixed to climb to the top so more storage space is available

Wooden Flooring  Hardwood flooring gives a more touch of nature to the house it enhances the looks of the rooms, increased acoustics, versatile, strong, better quality of air in the room and the color does not fade out.

Wooden Walls give a feel of being in the forest along with nature, is a great design for the nature lovers, you sleep and wake up with nature.

Room-divider cum Table Partitions can be made with hinges to divide the rooms and the same can be folded in the form of a table.

Swing Chairs give an aesthetic look and enjoyable sitting rocking to and fro. Keeps your mind in the motion, swing chairs need to be located in the place which is free to move the swing.

Bed with Fountain.  A fountain attached to the bed gives more soothing sound and romantic feel

Modular Kitchen  A rising trend to effectively store the items in the kitchen the modular kitchen concept is very effective, the cabinets and made of various materials and hold the cutleries inside.

Hi-tech Kitchen. A kitchen embedded with sensors and the robotic arm and artificial intelligence is a more secure and safe kitchen and gives the feeling of the future.

Miniature Pool. In the bathroom raised at a height of three quarters the ceiling height, a pool can be designed with an air and water locked door below.

Instant Water Heaters can be placed in the kitchen below the sink instead of the typical ceiling mounted water heater hence giving more aerial space in the kitchen and this gives more space or cabinet or building services in case of a false ceiling.

Corner Glass Flooring  with lighting and water-filled below the glass will give a more lively look to the rooms and glowing water give a more active feeling

Convertible Roofs. The roof that can open and close giving the view of the bright sky in the days and glittering stars in the night.

Himalayan Salt lamps are good decorative lights which are carved from pink Himalayan salt is said to clean the air around, cure allergies, boost the mood and help in having a sound sleep