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In the current era, the most popular banking services are electronic banking services. We are widely benefited from electronic banking services. Most of the banking section using electronic banking services for their business advantage. Such as ATM banking services, credit card banking services, debit card banking service, home banking services, online banking service, etc. These services are called electronic banking services.

Most Popular Electronic Banking Services

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Electronic Banking Services

In this process, it is very quickly and accurately operated as a client, money transfer, transfer withdrawal, Bank loan payment etc. are automatically operated. The clients of the bank, who are interested in getting the benefits of this facility, provide ATM cards. Each client is given a separate PIN (Personal Identification Number) number. PIN number would be required to withdraw money, making a transaction with ATM, buying products from the e-shop.

You should not share the PIN number with others. On other hands, if the transaction is required, the client can access the ATM Service Center and use the card to withdraw money and other necessary facilities. So ATM is an electronic banking service.

Most Popular Electronic Banking Services
Most Popular Electronic Banking Services

Credit Card Electronic Banking Services

The credit card is a widely used electronic service system. This is called a credit card because the loan is provided to the customers through the card. Credit cards are issued for the purchase of merchandise services from a particular merchant institution. Generally, the clients with the ability to borrow are supplied with a magnetic strong signal number and supply a kind of plastic card bank with pictures and other information Banker to the customers.

The extent to which a customer will avail loan facility is determined. From the credit limit, the client will be able to reuse it after paying the purchase of goods and services from a particular shop or institution. Examples of MasterCard, Visa Card etc. After all, Credit Card is an electronic banking service.

Most Popular Electronic Banking Services
Most Popular Electronic Banking Services

Debit Card Electronic Banking Services

This is the best part of electronic banking services. The ATM system-based debit card is one of the best methods of withdrawal from bank funds. This card can be used only if the debit balance is made as a customer, as it is called a debit card. Deposit money, transfer, various services, loan installments, and premium installments through debit cards can be provided in a short time. These cards offer many great types of benefits in transactions. So Debit Card is also an electronic banking service.

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Home Electronic Banking Services

The Home Banking system has been created to ensure that customers can enjoy banking facilities at home. Different bills are paid through the telephone in the first of the home banking system (Telephone Bill Payment-TBP). There is no problem in writing a post, posting, matching the document in this method.

The advanced version of the TBP system is Video Home Banking. In this video home banking process the customer can complete the transaction by sending information to the bank.

Most Popular Electronic Banking Services
Most Popular Electronic Banking Services

This is a computerized method. In this method, the bank establishes the personal computer terminals of the customer’s computer so that the customer can know all the information about his own Bank account using his specific PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Home banking services are the importance of developed countries. Because you can be made transaction easily. And you can keep your best security from home. However, I hope you have acquired knowledge about home electronic banking services.

Online Electronic Banking Services

Online banking is a technology-based networking system, in this system, there are multiple branches of a single bank or a computer connection between different branches of more than one bank. In this case, a customer can complete any of his banking transactions going to any branch of the bank under the network.

Different types of work can be done through online electronic banking, collecting money, collecting checks, paying bills etc. We can withdraw money quickly through online banking services. Online electronics service prevents us from misuse of our time. So if you going to take any service to the bank, you should subscribe to online electronic banking services.

Point of Sales Electronic Banking Services

It is also an electronic banking service. In this process, the value of goods or services is credited as a buyer and debited as a seller in the form of a dealer. In this system, the bank provides Card Activated Terminal to authorized business organizations.

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