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Are you preparing for the Microsoft 98-364 exam? The information provided in this guide will be of significant help to you. In this article, we’ll explore various aspects of this certification test, including its details, objectives, prep resources, and tips to help you pass it at your first attempt. Microsoft 98-364 is a singular exam that the candidates have to pass in order to get the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) credential. The test validates the proven skills as well as fundamental knowledge in the field of database fundamentals.

Who should take Microsoft 98-364 exam?

Microsoft 98-364 exam

The 98-364 certification test is designed for those individuals who want to validate their introductory knowledge and skills in the domain of databases such as relational databases. This covers Microsoft SQL Server and its components. The candidates for this exam are required to have a good understanding of the concepts of domain technologies as well as hands-on experience in the same area. This hands-on experience can be from real-world job practice or the appropriate training courses or tutorials. This means you don’t require work experience to take this test. However, you should develop competence in the exam content through different study materials. You might want to check the Microsoft Virtual Academy for the relevant tutorials to develop your skillset.


Some words about Microsoft 98-364 exam details

Microsoft 98-364: Database Fundamentals is a 45-minute test that is made up of between 40-60 questions. The students are required to schedule this exam through Pearson VUE, but before registering for it, they have to pay the fee of $127. For the individuals who are not the residents of the USA, it is recommended that they go through the exam page to get the details of an application fee for their country of residence. The passing score for Microsoft 98-364 is 700 points on a scale of 1000. However, it is important to note that this pass mark is not equivalent to 70% of the total exam content. This is because the weight associated with each topic area differs and so are the scoring parameters.

Detailed overview of Microsoft 98-364 exam objectives

The candidates for this certification test will be required to perform specific technical tasks. They make up what is referred to as the exam objectives. Each topic of this test comes with a certain percentage, which indicates the weight of its contribution to the whole exam content. This means that the areas with a higher percentage will normally have more questions than those with a lower one. Let’s look at the details of the Microsoft 98-364 exam topics.


  • Understand core database concepts: 20-25%

This exam objective requires that the students develop a good understanding of how data is generally stored in the table as well as have an insight of relational database concepts. The understanding of DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DDL (Data Definition Language) is also a requirement for success in the Microsoft 98-364 test.

  • Create database objects: 20-25%

The test-takers need to develop the skills and expertise in choosing data types; creating views; and creating stored procedures & functions. In addition to this, they also should have a good idea of tables and how they are created.

  • Manipulate data: 25-30%

This topic requires skills in selecting, inserting, updating, and deleting data.


  • Understand data storage: 15-20%

This subject focuses on one’s understanding of some key components in the certification domain. The applicants should have an understanding of normalization and indexes. They should also understand everything about foreign, composite, and primary keys. It covers the insight of reasons for keys in the database and choosing the relevant primary keys. This topic also entails choosing the relevant data for keys and selecting the proper field for composite keys.

  • Administer databases: 10-15%

The candidates are required to understand the details of database security concepts as well as database backups & restore. It covers knowledge of reasons to secure database; types of objects that CAN be secured; and objects that SHOULD be secured, roles, and user accounts. The objective also focuses on the individual’s understanding of different backup types such as incremental and full, how to restore databases and the significance of backups.

Preparation resources for Microsoft 98-364 exam

For each exam topic, Microsoft recommends specific study materials. You can find the details of the links to these resources on the official website. This should be your first step towards preparing for the test. For additional tools, you can consider study guides and training courses. Microsoft offers a 3-day instructor-led course, 40364A: Database Administration Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-364. This is a classroom learning style training, delivered by a seasoned and certified Microsoft trainer. The PrepAway platform also provides a wealth of resources that you can use to prepare for your test. You will find training courses, video tutorials, exam dumps, and practice tests that will help you ace your Microsoft 98-364 at your first attempt.


Some study tips for Microsoft 98-364 exam

Here are some tips that will significantly increase your chances of success in the Microsoft 98-364 exam:

  • Have a study plan and stick to it. Refrain from the temptation to leave your study until two weeks to the exam date. You can’t achieve much with this.
  • Use relevant resources. This is very critical to your success in the exam. You can find a range of study materials on the Microsoft Virtual Academy as well as PrepAway.
  • Join an online study forum so you can learn from other test-takers.
  • Take ample practice tests before you take your Microsoft 98-364.

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With the appropriate preparation tools and dedication to study, you can achieve the passing score in the Microsoft 98-364 exam. While preparing for your certification test, it is recommended that you take the official training course and develop hands-on experience. You should also take a series of full-length practice questions before your exam date.