Microsoft AZ-301: Main Phases on Your Path to Certification Using Exam Dumps and Practice Tests


If you are an Azure solutions architect who wants to become an expert in his/her expertise or need to improve the current skills, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential is a perfect way to clear all the milestones. Microsoft offers you to pass two tests in order to obtain it: AZ-300 and AZ-301. As both of them are expert-level certification exams, it is important to know where to start and what to do to achieve the desired result.

In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary exam details so that you will follow the right path. Let’s start right now!

Potential candidates for Microsoft AZ-301 exam

Potential candidates for Microsoft AZ-301 exam

The individuals for Microsoft AZ-301 are mainly the Azure solutions architects who give advice to the stakeholders and translate business requirements into scalable, reliable, and secure solutions. The applicants for this test are required to have advanced knowledge and experience across a number of aspects of IT operations, including data management, governance, budgeting, networking, business continuity, disaster recovery, and virtualization. This role requires the professionals to manage how decisions in every area affect the overall solution. The students for this exam should also be proficient in DevOps, Azure development, Azure administration. They should also have expert-skills in one or more of these domains.

You should have healthy skills that balance among the following Azure jobs: an architect, a Developer, and an Administrator. One of the abilities that you need to have is selecting which Azure services should be composed for a client to meet his/her technical and/or financial constraints, as well as his/her business goals. Moreover, you need to be able to effectively code and maintain LaaS and PaaS applications, most of which usually rely on Azure AD and databases. Troubleshooting, deploying, and managing all sorts of ofAzure resources through the use of Azure PowerShell and Azure Portal is also important knowledge that you need to gain.

The first phase: Pre-preparation

There is information that you need to know to be ready for the first phase of earning the expert-level certificate – the pre-preparation stage. The first thing you need to do is to discover all the possible details about the exam. Thus, the number of questions, their types, time limit, and passing score are key factors to learn during this short phase.

Prepaway  Microsoft AZ-301 consists of between 40 to 60 questions. It is important to note that their number usually changes. Besides, Microsoft never publishes this kind of information. So, you should expect that it may not be the same for every person. Concerning the types of questions, you can expect to find multiple-choice, case studies, active screen, best answer, build list, drag, and drop, repeated answer choices, hot area, short answer, review screen, and mark review. The time allocated for answering all of them is about 120 or 150 minutes depending on the exam format you choose. The extra 30 minutes will be given to those who are taking the test offline to sign the NDA and other documents.

If you want to pass this certification exam, you must get the passing score, which is 70 percent. Since the questions are given different weights, it doesn’t mean that you have to answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to succeed. To be exact, the passing mark is 700 points. Anything less than this number will be marked as a fail.

Additional information

The Microsoft AZ-301 exam costs $165 for those individuals who are living in the USA. However, the pricing may vary in other countries depending on the taxation policy. The price doesn’t usually include applicable taxes, but you still need to confirm it with the provider for the exact fee. You should also confirm if you are eligible for any fee reduction. For example, the Academy program, the Microsoft trainers, and the Microsoft Partner Network Program Members are eligible for this.

If you fail to get the passing score, you will still have the chance to retake the test. If you fail at your first attempt, you only need to wait for 24 hours before you can try again. However, if you don’t pass your exam a second time, then you will have to wait for 14 days. Please note that you can retake Microsoft AZ-301 for a maximum of five times a year.

Important note

If you are going to take Microsoft AZ-301, you need to know that it will retire soon and will be replaced with a new one. However, it is still available until July 28, 2020. And the new version will be released three months before this date.

The second phase: Preparation

When you are ready to start studying for Microsoft AZ-301, we advise that you visit two websites: Microsoft and Prepaway. The first one will give you official prep resources, such as free self-paced or paid instructor-led training courses, books, mock tests, and videos. While the second platform offers braindumps verified by the experts that you can get for free with a trial version of the exam simulator or buy the premium bundle to get the study guide and video courses all in one package.

Develop a study plan and include all the materials that you obtained from these websites, compile them together in a rational way, and schedule the days of studying and resting in your calendar.

The third phase: Registration

Here are the steps you need to follow to register for the Microsoft AZ-301 exam:

  1. Visit the Microsoft page and then click on the “Schedule Exam” link. You will be directed to the official registration page of the vendor.
  2. Log in to the official Microsoft registration using your own Microsoft Account details.
  3. Then, you will find a form, which requires that you provide your name, address, and job role. Enter all your data and hit “Save & Continue”.
  4. In case you are a Microsoft employee, you may link your employment status on the account linking page to get more benefits for passing the exam. You can proceed or skip this session.
  5. After this, the remaining part of the registration will now be done entirely on Pearson VUE. Here, you are able to select the delivery option of Microsoft AZ-301. For example, you can opt for Certiport, your local testing center, or take it at home.
  6. Move to the next page and find the available schedule. Select the date and time based on your convenience and then proceed further.
  7. Go to the checkout page and pay the exam fee. You can make your payment using different debit or credit cards.


That’s it. You have learned all the details and topics related to the Microsoft AZ-301 exam. If you prepare with great deliberation and follow the steps above, you will pass this certification test with flying colors.